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Basically, Internet could be defined as a global network of computer networks whose purpose is to allow the free exchange of information among all its users. But it would be a mistake to consider the Internet solely as a computer network. However, We can consider computers simply as the medium that carries information. In this case, the Internet would be a great source of practical and fun information. With the Internet, we can send messages, executable programs, text files, consult library catalogs, order books, make purchases, We must bear in mind that all the resources that can be found on the Internet exist because some person has voluntarily spent their time generating them.

The Internet is basically based on four services:

The electronic mail service (e-mail) transmits and receives messages: we can contact any other user by exchanging messages. Using mailing lists, the same information sent to several destinations at the same time.

News service (news)

you subscribe to a newsgroup, and you will receive information on that topic. The news stored on a news server accessed by interested users.
Remote access (telnet): you can potentially connect as a terminal and establish a work session on any computer (remote computer) on the network if you have the necessary access permissions to access it.
File transfer (FTP, File Transfer Protocol, or File Transfer Protocol) allows transferring files from one computer to another.
Also, as a user, you can generate news and information.

The Internet has tools that facilitate the work: Whois, Archie, Wais, Gopher, WWW
Network clients can be users and computers. Users have a user identifier. Each computer can give one or more users access to the network, so the complete identifier of a user within the Internet made up of the user identifier, followed by and the identifier of the computer.
But, Within the Internet, the issue of security very important and must be controlled by each of the users.

Therefore, It must be taken into account that a computer can be used to enter other computers through it.

To maintain the security of our machine, we have access codes. Choose a key that you can remember but is not obvious. For the access codes to be good protection, you just have to take into account the following rules:
Minimum length of 6 characters.
That is not a word with meaning.
That does not correspond with the user’s initials, company, surnames, personal data, telephone number, ID, name of relatives …
Other than a repeated letter. That is not made up of contiguous letters of the alphabet.
That not made up of contiguous letters on the keyboard.
That mixes uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.
To be changed periodically.

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