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Email Write for Us : Email, also known as e-mail, is a network service that allows sending and receiving messages with multiple recipients or receivers located anywhere in the world. To use this service, you need any of the email programs offered by the network. on the other hand In an email message, In addition to written text, you can include files such as documents, images, music, video files, etc. The ease of use, speed and low cost of transmitting information has meant that most institutions and individuals have email as their primary means of communication.

As mentioned previously, it is a series of electronic messages that can be sent and received practically instantaneously through the various web mechanisms (call it an email account directly), either for work, educational, commercial or uses. Personal. after that, It is not difficult to talk about what an email is. Still, it is necessary to mention its origins and, obviously, its evolution, thus remembering that, in the past, messages were sent through postal mail. At this point, you have to get a clear idea that email represents evolution.

But, before touching on a subject as extensive as the origin of the email, it is imperative to clarify that emails are not only based on sending virtual messages or letters, it is also possible to send and receive all kinds of documents and digital files, of course, it is, with a limit according to its weight and type. However, Emails also serve as a type of file storage; in addition, you need an intermediary who can store those messages (email companies) so that users are not required to be connected simultaneously.

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