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Influencer Marketing Write for Us, Contribute and Submit Post

Influencer Marketing Write for Us

Influencer Marketing Write for Us

Basically, the marketing of influencers describes an approach to marketing in which the reputation of a person is used to bring more attention to a product or a brand.
Large companies have long relied on the reach and notoriety of celebrities to introduce a product or reinforce their own brand.

On the other hand, Celebrities small and large on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media are pleased with the new attention they receive. While the focus of marketing is increasingly digital, social media influencers are replacing classic celebrities as advertising carriers.
Moreover, The marketing of influencers can be between the recommendation of a friend and classic advertising. Especially in times of ad blockers (Ad-Block) and advertising blindness, more and more potential customers trust the opinion of their friends and, of course, that of influencers.

Who watches TV commercials today? It’s hard for me to remember the last time I actively watched advertising. As soon as the first commercial block starts, the average user grabs his smartphone and checks the new posts on Facebook or Instagram.

How to achieve successful marketing campaign?

To achieve a successful marketing campaign, you need to be where your customers’ attention is. Especially when the number of your own followers on social media is still relatively small, it makes sense to cooperate with influencers and use their reach to make yourself better known.
On the other hand, as mentioned, the marketing of influencers is nothing new.

However, what is new is that even people without celebrity status can gather a large number of followers around them on social platforms.
In almost every sector, be it fashion, fishing, tattoos, vegetarian, or fitness, you can find influencers whose reach you can use for your store.

So you will not have to spend millions of your marketing budget on celebrities, but you can choose from a group of influencers, large or small, to meet your needs.

Examples of marketing of Influencers

You can find examples of marketing influencers by just open your favorite social media application.

The marketing of influencers is especially popular in the segment of beauty and fashion, but this method of marketing can also work in other areas. For example, for desserts
or, for example, for teeth whitening kits or fitness bracelets

Nike and Casey Neistat’s marketing campaign evokes positive feelings, stimulates the urge to travel, and ensures that the viewer of the video associates these feelings with the brand. Especially eye-catching: the fitness bracelet is not really the center of attention, but the story of the video.
While researching, I came across countless examples of influencer marketing.

However, the following video is my favorite. For her influencer campaign, Mercedes worked with wolfdog and Instagram star Loki. This unusual 360 ° video marketing campaign with an animal influencer was a huge success for the car manufacturer.
The result? Instagram alone generated more than 150 million impressions and more than 2 million “likes” as well as comments. To achieve this reach, Mercedes would have had to invest around $ 4 million in traditional advertising. And while Loki and his owner are certainly well paid, they will not have made $ 4 million from this marketing campaign.

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