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Linux Write for Us        

Linux is a UNIX-like operating system. It develops to provide PC users with a free or inexpensive operating system. Strictly speaking, Linux is just the kernel of the operating system. Linus Torvalds developed it at the University of Helsinki (Finland). Torvalds and other developers used the Free Software Foundation (FSF) components for the GNU project to whole the operating system. Linux is the short form of Linus combined with UNIX.

Linux has meanwhile become a mature operating system: a graphical user interface has been added to the kernel using an X window system. It also offers network communication via TCP / IP. Linux distributions can often remain downloaded with numerous additional tools. These include the text editors Emacs and vi or vim (vi improved). Most of the utilities can also stay found in an established UNIX system. Even if various developers own the copyright for Linux components, Linux is distributed with a copyleft license that the Free Software Foundation initiated. It means that modified versions that are made available must remain offered under the same license.

Features :

Unlike Windows and other proprietary systems, Linux is open and can theoretically stay expanded by anyone. An extensive community worldwide works on Linux or individual distributions. Linux conforms to the Portable Operating System Interface ( POSIX ). Because of this, developers can write programs that can remain ported to other operating systems. Linux is available for all common processor architectures from Intel, AMD, PowerPC, SPARC, Alpha, and ARM.

The operating system created by Torvalds is meanwhile also sold commercially. In the past few years, some Linux distributors have emerged. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the market leader in the data center space. There is also SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Ubuntu, based on Debian GNU / Linux, and has developed recently. Companies use these distributions because they come with professional support from providers. Linux, especially Red Hat KVM, also plays a role in server virtualization. Due to the spread of cloud computing, many companies are currently evaluating the use of OpenStack.

Gaming Platform

linux write for us

There are several other distributions, with Ubuntu and its derivatives (e.g., Linux Mint) being the market leader in the desktop segment. In 2013 Steam announced its distribution with Steam OS. The distribution based on Debian GNU / Linux will remain used on Steam Machines, a game console. Many game manufacturers, therefore, develop games with Linux support. Steam works closely with graphics card manufacturers such as NVIDIA and AMD to improve the performance of graphics card drivers on Linux. The Steam client is also available for Linux. The first steam machines likely in 2015.

Even if Linux is repeatedly certified as having a positive future, Windows is by far on most desktop computers worldwide. However, due to the smartphone and tablet boom, this weight is shifting in favor of open source: If you combine all devices worldwide, the Linux kernel has the edge, as it is the heart of Google’s mobile operating system Android.

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