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Linkedin Marketing Write for Us

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LinkedIn, what is it?

But what is LinkedIn itself? Is it a social network such as Facebook and Twitter, or does it have something that makes it special?

To define LinkedIn in a simple way: we can say that it is a social network whose purpose is to connect professionals in the world —including both people and companies—, through a pleasant, easy-to-use platform that allows the creation and sharing of content from professional value.

This was founded in 2002 by entrepreneurs Reid Hoofman, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vaillant, and Allen Blue; and currently has around 150 million users.

Many people may be misled that LinkedIn is only a platform to upload your resume to search for work. However, this would make it another job board platform, and this is not at all like that.

Your LinkedIn profile can fulfill the function of being your online resume, or an updated form of your “wall with titles and recognitions,” but its focus is more inclined to be a profile with life and dynamism, which you must maintain Updated to be your professional image on social media.

In addition, as we already mentioned in its definition, its main function should always be to connect with other people who seek to do business or who simply seek to share their knowledge and professional experiences.

Something that is important to be very clear is that, although it appears to have many similarities with leisure social networks, it is not a social network to publish things like memes, funny videos, or anything that is outside the professional field. Why? Because you could compromise your personal brand, that is, the way your colleagues and companies perceive you.

What is Linkedin Marketing?

Basicslly, LinkedIn is a space that is not only perfect for this practice but was actually created for this purpose. This is achieved by sending invitations to other users to become part of your contact network, using a mechanism called “degrees of connection.”

There are three degrees of connection on LinkedIn:

First degree (1st)

They are all those contacts that directly connected to you because one of the two accepted the invitation of the other. This would be the equivalent of your Facebook friends list. The maximum number of contacts you can have for this degree is 30,000.

Second grade (2nd)

These are users that you may know, as they are already in the network of your first-grade contacts. This works similar to the “you may know” section of many social networks. As soon as they accept your invitation, they will be on your first-grade roster.

Third-degree (3rd)

They are the users who belong to the contact network of the “second degree,” so it is a little less likely that you know them. Sometimes you won’t be able to send them an invitation directly, but you can send them a message.


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