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air cooler write for us

Air Cooler Write for Us

An air cooler is a device that cools the surrounding air through evaporation. An air cooler utilizes the process of evaporative cooling to lower the temperature of surrounding air through the absorption of heat by water.

Types of Air Cooler

There are two main types – desert coolers and evaporative coolers. Desert coolers use very little water and work best in dry climates. Evaporative coolers are more common and use pump motors to circulate water through pads.

Advantages Of Using An Air Cooler Over An Air Conditioner

Cost: Air coolers are much more affordable to purchase and operate than air conditioners. They don’t require expensive installation.

Energy efficiency: Air coolers use passive evaporative cooling technology that consumes 80-90% less electricity than AC units. It significantly lowers electricity bills.

Eco-friendliness: Air coolers do not use refrigerants like HCFCs and CFCs that can harm the ozone layer. They have a minimal carbon footprint.

Suitable for large areas: A single air cooler unit can cool significant open places without complex ducting like an AC.

Portability: Air coolers are portable and more accessible to move around rooms than fixed wall-mounted AC units.

Low maintenance: Air coolers have fewer mechanical parts and require more straightforward maintenance than air conditioners.

Operational flexibility: Some air cooler models work with and without power, using just water circulation when needed.

Effective in dry climates: Air coolers perform better than ACs in areas with low humidity below 50% where evaporative cooling is optimized.

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air cooler write for us

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