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Biometric Machine Write for Us (1)Biometric Machine Write for Us

Basically, Technology has given us multiple tools to make our daily tasks easier or safer. In the search for constant updates and new methods, Therefore, Biometrics emerged to have control and security over identity.

On the other hand, Recently, the bank has integrated the biometric payment system as part of its virtual banking updates.

That is to say, Biometrics is a study method for people’s physical recognition based on behavioral or physical traits. Typically, this tool is used to analyze fingerprints, retina, facial patterns, or hands. Likewise, At present, this biometric system is used for the control and protection of data; as a result, many smartphones already incorporate this technology.

In other words, The biometric payment system proposes authentication alternatives based on fingerprint, facial recognition, or heart rate. In the same vein, The fingerprint reader is the method that so far has been the most effective when making digital payments. Therefore, It is a way of verifying the identity of the holder and maintaining the security of the cardholder.

Meanwhile, The authentication offered by the biometric payment system eliminates the need to learn multiple passwords; because the information is unique for each person. Likewise, the method allows to speed up the payment processes, both for the buyer and the seller.

How does the Biometric Payment System Work?

Basically, the system comprises a computer program, a card reader, and a fingerprint reader; the latter is a USB extension that allows the user’s identity lines to be scanned.

Moreover, the bank must have a database available in the biometric sales terminal that can be shared between several of the same merchant stores.

However, For this, the buyer must register their data and associate them with their bank account. In general, only the program and the fingerprint reader are enough. However, the card reader is usually used for backup in case the first one fails.

There are two ways to use the biometric payment system: the prepaid system, where the customer charges money that is discounted as he spends. And the payment by direct debit; where the client pays, and at the end of the month, so, he will receive the sum of his expenses.

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