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GME write for us

GME Write for Us—GameStop Corp. is a world-leading multichannel video game retailer. The Products Company sells physical and digital software, video games, mobile and consumer electronics products, and other merchandise through its GameStop, EB Games, and Micromania brands. Its operational segments, consisting of Video Game Brands, are the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

On the other hand, each video game segment is made up of sales operations, with all stores selling new games, software, and accessories.

Why Invest in GME

Basically, At the beginning of 2018, the price of GameStop shares was moving around $ 20. It had surpassed 60 in 2007 or 55 in 2013. Moreover, in  2020, it was about 6 dollars, and it came to be below 3. It went back to around 20 dollars in early 2021. The real roller coaster had not yet arrived.

The share of GameStop—an American video game and consumer electronics chain—became the favorite forum on the Reddit platform. In just a few days, it multiplied its price by more than 15, surpassing the closing price of 347 dollars on January 27 and reaching 483 intraday on January 28.

Moreover, it assumed a capitalization of more than 30,000 million dollars, a figure that would be above, for example, the current value of Telefónica or Naturgy. In addition, after a few days with giant swings, the price fell to $40 (double what it initially had) and later rose again and exceeded 100.

Intraday variations are also huge: for example, on January 28, the maximum reached 483, but the minimum was 112; or even a month later, on February 26, it hit a low of 86 and a high of over 142.

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