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Advantages of a Wi-Fi Mesh System Over Repeaters

Advantages of a Wi-Fi Mesh System Over Repeaters

Improving the speed of the Internet when we connect to a wireless network is something that is very present in our daily life. It is a reality that today, we connect much more through Wi-Fi than by cable. There are many mobile devices that we have at our disposal, and that makes it necessary to have measures to improve quality. However, the coverage is not always what we would like, and therefore we tend to pull other devices to try to improve it. Today we are going to explain what are the advantages of a Wi-Fi Mesh system over a repeater.

The Importance of Wireless Networks

As we have mentioned, wireless networks are of great importance today. They are present everywhere, and we can connect from very varied teams. There are many mobile devices with Wi-Fi connection capabilities. If we look back, just a few years ago, it was normal to connect from a wired computer. This has changed, and today the most normal thing is to do it wirelessly.

All this makes Wi-Fi networks of great importance today. Especially if we mention the devices of what is known as the Internet of Things. They are increasingly present in our day to day, and everything indicates that it will increase.

So wireless connections must work properly. We need the speed of the Internet, as well as the stability and quality, to be adequate. It is not always possible, but luckily we have gadgets and tools that we can use.

Advantages of a Wi-Fi Mesh System Over a Repeater

When we talk about Wi-Fi Mesh systems, we are talking about devices that allow us to improve wireless coverage. The objective is none other than to offer better coverage in those areas where there is none, or the quality is very limited. Logically this also translates into better speed.

We can state that a Wi-Fi Mesh system is made up of the main piece, which can be the router or the primary station, as well as other satellites. These satellites can be one or several, and their mission is none other than to offer wireless coverage in their field of action.

Now, how does a Wi-Fi Mesh system improve on a common Wi-Fi repeater? The first thing to keep in brain is that all of these satellites communicate with each other. A Wi-Fi repeater simply communicates with the router and repeats the signal. Therefore, the signal can be weakened further from the device. Instead, a Wi-Fi Mesh system allows all your satellites to communicate with each other and not with the router.

It should also be noted that a system of this type will allow us to connect to the satellite that, at that time, has a better quality. Thus we will always improve the speed of the Internet no matter where in the house or building we are. This means that we are not always going to connect to the closest satellite we have, but to the one that offers us a higher quality and, ultimately, more Internet speed.

Single Network

Another advantage over a Wi-Fi repeater is that a Wi-Fi Mesh system allows you to create a single network. We are not facing different independent access points, but they are all connected to each other, as we have mentioned, and that is an important added value.

Compatibility, although it is not a factor that is exclusive to Wi-Fi Mesh systems, it is true that it is present. This means that we will not have major problems to connect regardless of what type of device we can use.

In short, an important advantage is management that a Wi-Fi Mesh system can perform compared to a common repeater. It performs smarter management, and that can translate into faster Internet speed, higher connection quality, and noticeable improvement in usage.

So if we want to improve wireless coverage in our home or workplace, if we want the Internet speed to be higher when browsing the Internet, we can always make use of Wi-Fi Mesh systems. As we see, it has certain advantages over common Wi-Fi repeaters. Of course, logically, they are more expensive devices.

Nowadays, we have more and more devices that connect to Wi-Fi. There are many compatible devices that we have, and that also means that we must take into account certain precautions to protect our networks. As we always say, it is vital to have Wi-Fi passwords that are strong and complex. In this way, we will avoid the entry of intruders that could compromise our network.

We leave you an article where we talked about the types of passwords and Wi-Fi encryption. A review of the most important to know how to correctly choose which one should protect our router and not put security at risk.

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