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3D Printing Write for Us

When you hear the word printer, you surely remember the machine that is at the home, office, or school, which prints documents from the computer in black and white or color. But if they ask you about a 3D printer and you don’t know what they mean, here we will explain what it is, how it works, how to use it, and much more.

3D Printer

Until recently, printers print from the computer to paper, documents, drawings, and texts. But now, there are printers capable of Printing even dolls designed by yourself; these printers are called 3D printers.

3D printers are machines that can make copies of designs with volume, that is, with length and width, from a plan that has previously create on a computer, scanned, or downloaded from a website. When you design a CAD program (Computer-Aided Design) and print it on a 3D printer, you take it from being a 3D design to a 3D physical model.

3D printers provide the opportunity to physically create those designs that you have always had in mind as if they were something magical. As a result, your imagination and creativity will no longer have limits when creating.

How a 3D Printer works.

3D printers create a physical model of a design; what they do is create layers continuously and successively until the complete and exact creation of the format in its three dimensions width, length, and height. The process by which printers create these layered objects is called the Additive Process. To go hand in hand with technological advantages in 3D printers, accessories have a design that makes this printing process more accessible and more manageable, such as 3D scanners, allowing an object to scan in all its dimensions. And print it immediately and identical to the other.

The flexible filament is a plastic compound to which a chemical agent (plasticizer) add, to increase its flexibility and reduce the melting temperature and the viscosity that allows 3d printers to melt it and give it the desired shape, leaving the final product as a consistent piece that presents as its main property to highlight its flexibility. A quality that other compounds such as PLA or the plastic of ABS coils lack if they are in their pure state.

Definition of the ASTM standards (ASTM-D-883), a plasticizer is incorporated into plastic to facilitate its processing and improve its flexibility or “compliance.” The addition of a plasticizer lesser the melt viscosity, modulus of elasticity, and glass transition temperature (Tg) of a plastic.

Therefore, they are incorporated to facilitate the transformation of the material and increase impact resistance since added in small amounts increase flexibility. The flexibility and toughness of polymers can also improve with the help of plasticizers. Its presence also reduces hardness and brittleness.

Which can print with a 3D Printer.

The possibilities that a 3D printer offers you to create are very significant; that is why more and more areas are using them, ranging from architecture to medicine and even the kitchen.

In medicine, they have been used to create drugs for epilepsy, dental prostheses, robotic prostheses, skin tissues, and the most anticipated thing is creating organs from living stem cells.

3D Printing has been widely used in the automotive industry for years as it is a quick way to create prototypes for study and analysis.

It uses to make everything from pizza bases to chocolate cakes, whose designs are genuinely perfect and dreamy.

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