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Mobile Advertising Write For Us, Guest, Contribute and Submit Post

Mobile anvertising Write for Us 

Mobile Advertising Write for Us        

Mobile advertising is part of mobile marketing and describes a marketing instrument on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. It describes the overall concept of all communicative advertising measures between customer and company on the devices.

With the aggregate use of smartphones and tablets, advertising on mobile devices is becoming more and more important in online marketing. So that the acceptance of mobile advertising does not decrease and advertisers are just as satisfied with the results as the users. New advertising media should continually expand—more than half of all search probes on sites made from mobile devices. Most of the traffic also comes from smartphone users.

Mobile advertising is a discipline of mobile marketing and describes advertising measures specially designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The majority of ads in the mobile area display as banner advertising. Mobile advertising must meet the requirements and needs of users of mostly small shows and present content accordingly. Mobile advertising is charming and critical as smartphone users have been increasing continuously for many years.


Mobile anvertising Write for Us 


The advertisement is integrated into your website as a graphic file and linked to the advertiser’s website. Mobile advertising campaigns can activate via the Google AdWords display network, AdSense. Google recommends different sizes for the advertising banners on smartphones and tablet PCs. Most advertising banners are visible at the top horizontally on the device’s display within the browser or in an app.

Banner advertising can also implement as an interactive display. The site and situation-specific campaigns, in particular, promise great success here. That means that customers can be addressed directly with dynamic advertising material, and their purchase decision can be encouraged. There is also interactive banner advertising that changes, for example, when the device is stunning.


Full-screen ads can also implement for mobile devices via Google’s display network. They are called interstitial ads and appear as if you were switching between two pages in an app. After a certain period or after clicking on the ad, the users redirect to the corresponding target page.


The most popular type of text ad is paid search engine results on Google. Here, advertisements for the search term provided by the user display above and below the organic spaces. As on a desktop PC, the appropriate promotions are also existing on mobile devices. Above all, local ads that are geo-targeted are an effective means of customer loyalty.


Lastly, rich media ads contain graphic elements in images or photos like conventional banner advertising and video or audio data. That intends to create greater awareness and acceptance among users. In addition, rich media ads increase the willingness of users to interact. The use of advertisements is particularly worthwhile for long-term advertising campaigns.

And also, the standard for rich media ads is HTML 5, and you can often find Flash content with them. And also, in this way, microsites can program that are displayed as pop-ups and encourage the user to click. For online shops, the format is particularly suitable for product presentations. However, in small videos, the user receives a complete impression of the article via the advertising material. The information obtained strengthens the incentive to buy, validates the purchase intention, and significantly increases identification with the advertising company.


However, with the help of targeting, user data transmitted via mobile devices. The aim is to offer users tailor-made advertising that is ideally couturier to their needs.

Whether the location of the user, day of the week, time, network used, or operating system: There are many different methods for targeting. At the moment, however, mobile targeting is also facing some challenges. And also, cookies cannot implement in apps; the other operating systems of mobile devices and the associated versioning are also problematic when collecting the relevant user data for advertisements.

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