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Django write for us

Django Write for Us

What is Django?

Django, Before knowing what Django is, there are some concepts that we must be clear about. Let’s start with the main thing. Python is one of the most robust languages ​​that exist today: its writing is simple and pleasant, it can be applied as a Backend language both to program websites and applications as well as to perform data analysis and artificial intelligence functions.
Due to these qualities, Python is one of the programming languages ​​with the greatest interest in learning in recent years, being the third programming language that generates the greatest interest after JavaScript and Java.
So it was to be expected that such a widespread and multipurpose programming language will be reinforced by a Framework that also has multiple uses.

Why use Django?

however, Django is a high-level web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
How many people have not asked themselves the same thing Before answering this, we should start with another question if they still do not know it. What is Django ?.
The Django developers define it like this: “Django is a high-level web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design,” which is very promising, but how true is this definition? To answer this, we are going to go into this framework a little more, so we will explain its characteristics a little, so, while you read, do not get this definition out of your mind.


“Django is a high-level web framework written in Python. “Thanks to this, Django inherits all the features and facilities that Python gives us, including writing code that is quite easy to understand, and above all, it allows you to develop very fast and powerful applications.


Here, I will stop to tell you a bit of the story. Django was born in a journalistic environment, where news was uploaded very quickly, and since the developers could not be at that rate, they decided to create something that does, and that is how Django was born, that is why it has been structured in such a way that your web applications are created very fast.


Don’t repeat yourself! Django uses this philosophy to avoid creating identical code blocks and to encourage their reuse.


Django is the only framework that “by default” comes with an active administration system, ready to be used without any configuration!

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Django Write for Us

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