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B2B Write for Us

B2B Write for Us

What is B2B?

Therefore, B2B is a service that one company performs to another, designed to increase sales of goods or services.

What is B2C?

B2C, for its part, also seeks to increase sales of the company’s goods or services, but marketing actions are carried out directly towards the end customer.

Difference between B2B and B2C?

The differences between B2B and B2C are that, In the first case, as the customer is a company, the question will focus on the objective characteristics of the product in the market and its functionality, while in the second, how the customer is the final consumer will emphasize the benefits of the product, as it will tend to have a more emotional behavior when buying.

Definition of B2B or “Business to Business” business model

A B2B business model can be, for example, Those companies that provide web content to others, Either through blog entries, tweets, web positioning work or social networks, promotional portals on the Internet.

What then is the B2C?

The B2C, Whose translation is “from business to consumer,” consists, for example, in action to promote a good or service by the marketing company towards the end customer, such as direct advertising, loyalty programs, promotional blogs, Internet portals designed for the client, social networks.

Effective tools for B2B businesses

To improve your B2B sales, you must help yourself with effective and productive tools that you have at your fingertips:

1. Wrike

In the case of Wrike, it is a platform that facilitates collaboration, planning, and visibility of campaigns. Ideal for automating administrative processes and for organizing work in folders and tasks, as well as managing files in real-time.

2. SEMrush

A very powerful tool that integrates all in one to position a brand in the market is SEO Toolkit.
The SEO kit includes everything from a backlink audit, a more in-depth and technical one on web positioning, to ideas to get more traffic organically.

3. Leads Bridge

This is the perfect tool for advertising on Facebook. Its strong point is that you can capture the data of your customers without leaving the social network. This means an increase in sales and will also make your life easier.

In addition, Leads Bridge allows you to create automated audiences based on tags or a specific remarketing campaign.

How to Submit B2B Articles (B2B write for us)?

That is to say, to submit your article at, mail us at

Why Write for informationntechnology – B2B Write for Us.

why write for us informationntechnology - B2B Write for Us

B2B Write for us

That is to say, here at information technology, we publish well-researched, informative, and unique articles. In addition, we also cover reports related to:

Guidelines of the Article – B2B Write for Us.

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