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What is SMS Marketing? – Uses of SMS Marketing in the Travel Sector

What is SMS Marketing? – Uses of SMS Marketing in the Travel Sector

In any sector, the use of certain marketing strategies is essential to achieve success, as long as you make the right choice. Within the world of travel, SMS Marketing has stood out as a powerful tool for travel agencies, hotels, or airlines to contact their clients to notify them of any type of information. There are lots of uses that can be given to SMS marketing strategies for the travel sector. Throughout the article, we will see some of the most important, although text messaging can use for anything else.

What is SMS Marketing?

Before looking at the uses that the travel sector can give to an SMS marketing strategy. It is important to know what it refers to when we talk about this term. SMS marketing refers to the sending of text messages or SMS, either as campaigns or transactional messages, in order to transmit to users information that may be of great importance. They are often used to communicate urgent offers, updates, or alerts. To carry out this type of sending, it is common to use massive SMS sending tools that facilitate this type of communication for companies.

Uses of SMS Marketing in the Travel Sector

As we have already mentioned, there are many options to take advantage of text messages if you have any company related to the travel sector. Let’s see some of the main ideas that we can use:

Booking Confirmation

Through text messages, it is possible to send the confirmation of the trip reservation that a user has made through the platform. Thanks to this message, the user will have the peace of mind that their purchase has been successfully completed. Avoiding any type of mistrust.

Trip Modifications

It is not uncommon for the trip we have contracted to be subject to some type of modification. For example, flight delays or room changes. So that the client is informed at all times of these changes. The SMS route stands out for being one of the most effective. Especially when people are all day with the smartphone in hand.

Special Discounts

In the case of wanting to build customer loyalty. Sending mass SMS with promotions and special offers is one of the most common options. Whenever possible, it is advisable to send personalized messages to give a more human touch and create a closer relationship.

Travel Ticket

One of the most important points in the use of text messages within the travel sector is to be able to send the reservation locator to the user’s mobile phone once it has been made. In this way, the user can carry this locator on their smartphone at all times without fear of being left without the internet or coverage.

Satisfaction Surveys

Within the tourism sector, retaining or gaining new clients is becoming increasingly difficult due to the stiff competition that exists. Many companies use SMS communication to collect comments through short links that lead to surveys. In this way, the company will have data to help it improve its services.

Welcome Message

Another idea to build customer loyalty is to have a special deal with them. An excellent way to do this is by sending a welcome message when the client has reached his destination. You can take advantage of the message to inform where to go or where to call in case of any problem.

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