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What is a Smartsheet? How it Differs from Google Sheet!

What is a Smartsheet? How it Differs from Google Sheet!

Smartsheet is a digital project management platform complementing conventional project management systems such as Microsoft Project. Smartsheet is more concerned with project management’s interactive elements, while traditional tools are more concerned with tasks and projects.

That isn’t to suggest users can’t handle assignments and schedules in a Smartsheet tool; they certainly can. It ensures that collaboration capability is built into Smartsheet and is ready to use in the plan and activities; while using Microsoft Project to run a project, people rely on other means of collaboration.

Reasons to use Smartsheet.


Smartsheet makes it much easier to discuss what users are working on with teammates, managers, or even customers (from whole sheets to individual elements). Those who believe that collaborative project management strategies are the most fruitful and Smartsheet excels in this area that is very special in the project management industry. Many of their competitors permit the sharing of whole programs, but not all facilitate sharing individual puzzle items. Smartsheet enables cooperation for peers and customers by empowering them to exchange details with an endless number of “collaborators,” even though they do not have a Smartsheet account.


Smartsheet is essentially a giant spreadsheet. Although this could have an unfavorable effect on the graphic design, it does suggest that almost anybody will look at it and feel as though they have used something similar before. Smartsheet is very easy to use even though it is very detailed in functionality and sophistication. That being said, it is also approachable. And it is a beneficial commodity when it comes to implementing modern software.

Customer service:

Smartsheet clearly understands service to customers. When it comes to learning how to use this app, clients have many resources open to everyone, ranging from published posts to instructional videos to live webinars. There are also hints inside the app that points out helpful features as they become more familiar with the apps. Smartsheet also offers email assistance to all consumers and phone support to those who belong to the Team or higher membership package. Given that many project management companies have no phone choice, this style of service is undoubtedly commendable.

Everyone can use it:

Smartsheet can be used in a variety of sectors all around the world. It gives people hope because it tends to mean that everyone can learn to use this app. Many of Smartsheet’s project management application rivals have opted to market to unique functions. Smartsheet doesn’t make any particular distinctions. Everyone can use it to work, and it is easy to handle too.

It is not just a spreadsheet:

Smartsheet is explicitly designed for project management even though it looks like a spreadsheet to an unaware onlooker. People can receive pre-configured cells that deal with particular variables such as expenditure, spent hours, and more. Furthermore, users can leave comments on individual cells and also bind files to them.

Storing files:

Users can bind files directly to individual cells in Smartsheet. They can conveniently import files to the Smartsheet account if they use older programs like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. If users want to use Google Drive to import data, they can also do so. When the file has been uploaded, they can use the excellent sharing software to share it with whoever wants it.


One of the most critical facets of any project management service is documentation. Smartsheet files are highly personalized, enabling administrators to concentrate on overdue assignments, team members’ tasks, and much more. When somebody has produced one of these reports, users can give it to anyone who they want utilizing Smartsheet’s collaboration tools. They can also schedule any reports to fetch up, generating a new one every week. Best of all, these reports can be applied on several sheets at the same time.

Smartphone applications:

Smartsheet’s smartphone applications are great. If clients are the kind of individual, who wishes to function when out and about, mobile apps would not disappoint. Some project management smartphone applications have fewer features which is not how it works for smart sheets. Smartsheet’s mobile app is optimal for Android or iOS devices and has full access to the sheets.

Since the Smartsheet tool is a web application, users do not need to install any programs on their mobile device or laptop to use it. Anything users need available online so that they can use it from anywhere — at work, at home, or on the go with the mobile or tablet.

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