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How to Format an Android and iOS Mobile?
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How to Format an Android and iOS Mobile?

In recent years, technology has acquired a fundamental role in our lives, so that for a large part of the population, it would be practically impossible to carry out their daily activities without resorting to the use of devices and applications. For this reason, when we cannot freely use these devices due to some functional problems, we find it difficult to work properly.

There are various solutions to end the operational problems of our electronic devices. A large number of people choose to go to a technology professional or even purchase a new device. Still, there are times when both options are very expensive and impractical, as we can often fix the problem permanently ourselves. Mobiles, for example, are usually easy to fix through formatting that we can do ourselves. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know About how to format an Android and iOS mobile? And carefully explain all the steps.

Before Formatting Your Mobile

Likely, you have never had to format a mobile. We tell you some precautions and measures that you must take to avoid damaging your device.

Before you start, do you know what exactly it means to format a mobile? Formatting a mobile device means returning it to the state it was in when you first turned it on. All notes, images, videos, etc. that you save on your mobile will be erased with the process, so it is important that you have a backup of all the information that you want to save. Normally, we do formatting for two reasons:

  • Problems with the operation of the device: you have more and more problems with your mobile, and the only thing you have left is to buy a new one. Before going to any store and spending a fortune, we advise you to format the device.
  • Selling the device: If you have decided to buy a new mobile and the one you currently have works perfectly, you can try selling it. So that the new buyer does not have access to any type of personal information, it is essential that you erase all the data with a format.

Regardless of the reason why you want to format your mobile, we insist on the importance of making a backup on your computer to save all the information and multimedia content on your device.

Another fundamental point to take into account before formatting your mobile is to know your operating system well since an Android is not formatted in the same way as an iOS.

How to Format an Android Mobile?

Do you want to know how to format an Android mobile? You just have to follow these steps:

  • Within the main menu of your device, access the ‘Settings’ option.
  • In this option, you will find different sections, but you must select ‘General Administration’ or ‘Personal,’ depending on the terminal.
  • Access this option, select ‘Reset,’ and then ‘Reset to factory settings.’ As the indicator itself explains, this option consists of returning the mobile to the factory default settings, so that all the data, files, documents and applications that you have added over time will be deleted.
  • When you pick this option, you will be asked for confirmation to proceed with formatting. You just have to accept it.

How to Format an iOS Mobile?

If your device has an iOS operating system, you will need to resort to a computer or laptop, since formatting is done from the iTunes program. Do you know how to format a mobile from the computer? We teach you to step by step:

  • First, you must disable the ‘Find my iPhone’ option. To do this, go to the general menu and select ‘Settings.’
  • Within this menu, search for iCloud, where you will find the option ‘Find my iPhone.’ When you deactivate this option, it will ask for your password to be able to finish the deactivation.
  • When you have completed this step, using a USB cable connect your mobile to a laptop and open iTunes.
  • Once your device is connected, you can access its tab in the program, where you will find the ‘Restore’ option. Select this option and iTunes will automatically format the mobile and download the latest version of the iOS operating system for your device.
  • When you turn on your phone again, it will be the same as when it left the factory.
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