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Remote Work Write for Us

Remote Work Write for Us                 

Companies consider their employees ‘ desire for flexibility with the offer of a home office and location-independent Work. However, these working models pose particular challenges. So what can HR contribute to successfully introducing and managing remote Work in the company? You will find out in this article.

Generation Y, who hotly contest in the labor market – around 20 to 35-year-olds – want a good work-life balance and freedom for individual development. Employers must meet these expectations and enable their employees to work flexibly in terms of time and space. “Remote work,” i.e., working in the home office, in a café, on the beach, or anywhere else in the world, is one of the essential components of this new world of Work.

Young talents demand location-independent Work

Location-independent Labor is not just “nice to have.” In a representative Bitkom survey, more than a third of all employees questioned said they would turn their backs on their current position to be more flexible and remote. Therefore, whether you offer your workers, flexible working models can be decisive for attracting and retaining talent.

What are the advantages of “Remote Work”?

Remote Work Write for Us

Is remote Work just a business to employees, or do such work models offer real advantages for companies? Reliable studies say real benefits.

  • “Remote work” is a real need for the young, digital generation and a powerful argument in recruiting. An international study by Buffer & AngelList found that 98% of respondents would (would) like to work remotely. The reasons given are more elasticity, no commuting, and more time for the family.
  • Available specialists can often only create far away or even abroad in the IT and technology sector. Therefore, the offer to work from home is often the only way to attract such specialists.
  • You need less space in your company building and save space costs. (However, that should be a nice side effect and not the driving motive.)
  • Workers who (occasionally) work from home or elsewhere are at an advantage, more productive, and sick less often.

What challenges does “remote work” bring with it?

Of course, location-independent Work does not promise happiness for your company and your employees. On the contrary, it takes with it a whole congregation of challenges that you should take seriously and deal with:

  • However, the lack of personal contact can cause cohesion, collaboration, and communication within your company to suffer.
  • And also, a natural or perceived two-class society may arise between the “office” and the “home workers.”
  • In a corporate nation that was previously based heavily on the presence and control of employees, the introduction of remote Work can cause uncertainty.
  • And also, working off-site involves some legal risks.

Define who is entitled to work from home or “Remote Work.”

Together with the specialist departments, determine which areas of responsibility, teams, or positions are suitable for remote Work. Then, make clear, understandable regulations if everyone knows who is entitled to remote Work, when and why, envy and competition among employees avoid.

Areas are suitable in which work results can measure qualitatively (e.g., project goals) or quantitatively (e.g., accepted calls in a call center), and the Work digitizes to a high degree.

However, don’t think too narrowly. And also, with the proper framework, almost any “desk job” can work anywhere: even in the HR department.

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