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Definition of Spy

Spy write for us – To determine the meaning of the term spy that concerns us now, it is essential that we first proceed to establish its etymological origin. Specifically, in this sense, we have to clarify that it emanates from the Germanic word “spähen,” which can remain translated as “seeing from a distance.”

A spy is a person who dedicates himself to observing or listening to what happens to obtain information and knowledge that he transmits to those interested in it. Thus, espionage is known as the set of techniques and practices whose purpose is to get data covertly.

For example: “The US Army arrested an Iranian spy who wanted to get information about nuclear plans,” “Spy movies are my grandfather’s favorites,” “When I was a child, my dream was to be a spy and use all those equipment sophisticated that you see on TV.”

Spies can effort for a government, companies, or individuals. However, it is a movement with various legal limits since espionage, in many cases, is outside the law.

Throughout history, numerous spies gained tremendous importance and prestige thanks to the significant work they did for their countries. Specifically, these are the ones that have been considered most relevant:

Famous Spy :

spy write for us

  • Mata Hari. Without a doubt, this woman has been the best-known spy since the world is the world. She worked as an exotic dancer and actress and took advantage of her profession and her relationship with high positions to become a spy. Unfortunately, that work led her to remain accused in France of acting as a double agent for Germany, which led to her sentenced to death.
  • Kim Philby. For almost three decades, he was a spy for both the USSR and the United Kingdom without being discovered. However, some maintain that he was professional three-way espionage. What is inevitable and undeniable is that he was part of what became known as “The Cambridge Five,” a group of British spies who had been recruited by the Soviet Union and who carried out these functions during the Cold War.

On a literary and cinematographic level, we must not forget one of the spies who has generated the most expected and has become a key figure in our cultural heritage: James Bond, agent 007 of the British Intelligence Service.

The most common techniques used by spies are infiltration and penetration. Infiltration consists of joining the ranks of the target (the organization that intends to spy) in a hidden way. The spy who gains the trust of the target is known as an undercover agent or mole.

Spy Features :

On the other hand, Penetration base on achieving the collaboration, whether conscious or unconscious, of the target to provide confidential information. At times, the person providing the data has specific to work secretly against their organization.

When espionage takes place at the corporate level, it is punishable by law. The espionage industry is to obtain confidential competitive information to gain an advantage in the market. Thus, a company can spy on its rival to learn about its research and, with the data obtained, anticipate the launch of a product.

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