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Programming Write for Us

Programming Write for Us – Basically, Programming is the act of programming, organizing a sequence of steps ordered to follow to do a sure thing.

This term is used in many contexts. however, It is common to talk about programming when organizing an outing, vacation, or the list of programs with their days and times of broadcast of television channels or movies in a cinema.

In addition, in computing, programming is the key element in the relationship between computers and users.

Computer programming

Basically, In computing, programming refers to creating programs or applications through the development of a source code, which is based on the set of instructions that the computer follows to execute a program.

Therefore, scheduling is what allows a computer to function and perform the tasks that the user requests.

Programming language

The programming language communicates the programmer with the computer.

The programming language is a predesigned artificial language made up of signs, words, and symbols that allows communication between the programmer and the computer.

The instructions that the computer follows to execute applications and programs written in a programming language.

However, They are then translated into a machine language that can be interpreted and enforced by the hardware equipment (physical part).

The source code made up of lines of text that express the instructions that the computer must carry out in the programming language. This code created, designed, coded, maintained, and debugged through programming.

Different programming languages (Java, Pearl, Python) use various programs in which the instructions are dumped.

Therefore, these languages ​​vary over time, expand and evolve.
More in a Programming language

What is programming used for?

The main objective of programming is to define instructions so that a computer can execute systems, programs, and applications that are efficient, accessible, and friendly.
Likewise, Computer programs usually follow algorithms, which the set of instructions organized and related to each other that allow the software of computer equipment to work.

Programming history

That is to say, The beginnings of the development of computer programming coincide with the appearance of the first computers in the second half of the 20th century.

Programming Machine language. 

Basically, In this first period, fundamental and limited machine languages ​​were used based on the binary system (using the numbers 0 and 1 in different combinations), which is the language that computers recognize.

Even today, all language converted to this. In addition, It was replaced as it was a tedious and challenging form of programming.

Programming Assembly language

Later languages ​​began to emerge that made use of word codes. Simple words, mnemonics, and abbreviations were used that had their correlative and were translated into machine code.

Assembly language was incorporated because it was easier for the user to remember and perform than machine code.

High-level language

Likewise, In the late 1950s, Fortran emerged, a programming language developed by IBM that gave rise to languages ​​based on much more complex algorithms. Therefore, These languages ​​were adapted to different computers and translates using software into machine language.

Types of programming

Structured programming

It seeks to improve and reduce the processing time by using subroutines (sub algorithms within the main algorithm that solves a task).

Modular programming

Divide programs into modules to work with them and solve problems more simply.

Object-oriented programming

It uses objects (entities with characteristics, states, and behaviour) as fundamental elements for searching for solutions.

Programming elements

Certain elements are essential when it comes to knowing or executing a programming language, among the most representative are:

Reserved words

Words within the language mean the execution of specific instruction, so they cannot used for any other purpose.


Symbols that indicates the application of logical or mathematical operations.


Data that may vary during the execution of the program.


Data that does not vary during the execution of the program.


That is to say, Name given to the different variables to identify them.

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