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What is LED lighting?

LED Lighting Wrtie for us

LED Lighting Write for Us – Basically LED light is monochromatic and depends on the material used in the semiconductor. According to this, we achieve that the emitted light is red, blue, ultraviolet;… To achieve different color tones, taking into account the detail of being monochromatic light, we use the combination between them and different intensities.
In this way, to get white light, we can mix the light of three LEDs, one blue, one red, and finally green. That with neither more nor less than the colors that make up the RGB color space. As for the amount of light, it depends on the intensity of the electric current,  It has been used in various devices for many years, especially in buttons to indicate states such as the recording buttons of a DVD or according to the color to indicate whether the device is on (green) or off (red).
The first LED was discovered in 1927 by Oleg Vladimirovich Losev, but it was not until the 1960s that it began to be used in the industry. Since then, advances have occurred, and from the first LEDs that could only be built in red, green, or yellow and with low light intensity, we have moved on to new ones that can offer enough white light to illuminate a room.

The advantages of LED lighting

AS we know day by day, LED lighting is becoming more and more popular. As a result, people choose to replace their halogen bulbs and lamps with LED lamps.

1. With LED lighting, you save energy

LED lamps to consume 80 to 90% less energy than bulbs and halogen lamps. LED bulbs do not have filaments, but rather light-emitting diodes; LEDs are semiconductor electronic components that emit light when an electric current passes through them. The energy difference with halogens is enormous. With 15% of the cost of a halogen, an LED bulb gives the same light

2. LED lighting lasts longer

Compared to halogens, LEDs are much more energy-efficient and economical, although the cost may seem higher at first. On the other hand, the useful life of a halogen is around 2,000 hours, whereas LEDs last 15,000 hours. So if you make a rule of three between bulb durability and cost, one LED bulb would last for eight halogen bulbs. Now the expense doesn’t seem so much anymore.

3. LED lamps do not get hot

basically The old halogens are old bulbs that were made with iodine and bromine in a gaseous state. The operation is simple; the filament was heated, as in a conventional light bulb, so most of the energy is lost as heat. Although the life of halogen bulbs is longer than the life of incandescent bulbs, it is still very short. The energy efficiency of these is between 15 and 20%. On the other hand, the LEDs do not get hot.

4. LED lighting is available in different colors and temperatures

future more now LED lights are no longer just cool white. The color gamut of LED light has been expanded. Meanwhile it is now also in warm white. So halogens and LEDs have the same color. In addition, now LED technology imitates the filaments of incandescent bulbs, achieving a nostalgic and cozy atmosphere.

5. The LED lighting does not take long to turn on

LED bulbs do not take long to turn on, unlike CFLs or fluorescents. This is not the case with LED lighting. The LED lamps are of immediate ignition.

6. LED lighting is environmentally friendly

LED lighting is much more environmentally friendly than any other type of lighting. So the disadvantages of the LED are less and less! Cheaper, more efficient, with warm and cozy light and immediate start-up. When you have the next blown bulb, please change it to an LED!

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LED lighting write for us

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