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Generator Write for Us

What is a Generator?

Generator – Basically, Generator is a machine that transform mechanical energy through a magnetic field and convert movement into electrical energy. Above all, Energy production originates from a source taken as a base and can be any non-electrical energy, such as thermal, mechanical, light, and chemical, among others.

Meanwhile, They work with the alternator, transforming mechanical energy into alternating current electrical power and the motor that makes the alternator move.

Electric Generators characteristics

The most important parts are:


Basically, It can be made of plastic or metal and varies in size, influencing autonomy time.

Chassis, bench, or frame

That is to say, It supports the engine and all the equipment. However, It is recommended that you have supports protected with rubber to cushion the movement and produce less noise.
Start usually, it is employing a shooter. however, If it is electronic, the start will be with a key.


In other words, It transforms the mechanical energy into alternating current electrical energy capable of supplying, according to its power. similarly, The same equipment and tools as with the network’s point.


That is to say, Provides the force and energy to run the alternator. But, There are them with a diesel or gasoline engine, and 2 or 4 times. On the other hand the generators usually have 1,500 rpm and those of sporadic or moderate use of 3,000 rpm.

Types of Generators

To clarify, this are the types of Generators:

Electric and gas generators
Portable generators
Gasoline electric generators vs. diesel-electric generators

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Generator Write for Us

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