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Typescript Write for Us                       

typescript write for us

What is Typescript?

What is Typescript, and why using Typescript in your team could be worthwhile?

Typescript write for us – Frontend development without the use of Javascript is out of the question today. Instead, web applications and mobile apps ( react-native ), and backend applications ( node.js ) are now written with JS.

It is one of the most used languages ​​globally, and more and more developers are coming into contact with it. But if it is the first time someone has to use an untyped language such as JS, it can lead to confusion.

Programming Support:

Programming languages ​​such as Java or C ++ are object-oriented. In addition to object classes, define a type for each attribute of an object and each variable in the code. For example, the variable X should be an integer type (a round number). From now on, only rounded numbers can be assigned to this variable. Compared with Javascript and other untyped languages ​​such as Ruby, Python, or PHP, you can first post a text to the variable X and a number in the following line, and the code is still valid.

However, with the new features of ES6, Javascript has become an immaculate language to use. If you are not yet familiar with the unique features of ES6, you can look at all the critical things on this page. For example, you can use some JS packages to set up typing, but if you want a natural object-oriented environment, Typescript is the best choice today.

At information technology, we have been developing with Ruby, Python, and Javascript for years, both for the backend (Node.js) and for the frontend (react.js, react-native). At that time, however, you learned to program correctly with typed languages. We all had to go through hard school in our team: Java, C, C ++. The first contact with Python, Ruby, and JS was like an education: Finally free, finally fast and dynamic. Untyped does not mean that there are no advantages to object orientation: In Ruby, there is no object without a class behind it. But somehow, a distance has built up to languages ​​like Java and C ++, which has now decreased again for me through Typescript.

What are the advantages of using Typescript?

If you use code in a project that you did not write yourself, a few essential questions immediately arise: Which parameters can I use for the function or component? What is the return value? Which external objects are used? What kind of attributes or methods do these objects have?

A single open JS file cannot answer all of these questions directly. To do this, you have to open precisely the modules or functions used and look at what is happening there. If you don’t understand it, the most common method is the famous console.log (e), which, according to funny Twitter threads, is the debugging tool for JS developers. If a console.log is still not enough, the developer has to find someone to explain the code to you in the worst-case scenario.

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