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Computer Networking Write for Us, Guest and Submit Post

computer networking write for us

Computer Networking Write for Us

Computer networking connects two or more computers, allowing them to communicate and share resources. A computer network will enable data such as files, applications, and peripherals to be accessed across multiple devices linked through wired or wireless technology. Common computer network types involve local area networks (LANs), which connect computers within a single office or home, and wide area networks (WANs), which link computers across various locations using technologies like broadband internet or cellular networks.

A networking infrastructure includes physical hardware such as cables, routers, switches, and wireless access points, as well as logical components like network interfaces, protocols, and network addresses that facilitate communication between nodes on the network. By enabling data transmission and resource sharing, computer networking provides a platform for collaboration. It boosts productivity in enterprise and online environments where users interact worldwide through social media, streaming services, and other internet applications.

Protocols of Computer Networking

Several key networking protocols facilitate communications between devices connected to local and global computer networks. TCP/IP is the fundamental suite of protocols used by devices on the Internet to communicate handling tasks like data transmission, packaging, and error correction. Ethernet is the standard networking protocol for wired local area networks (LANs), specifying addressing and cable standards. Wi-Fi builds on the Ethernet standard to define specifications for wireless LAN technologies that allow devices to connect without cables.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) forms the underlying protocol for transmitting hypertext documents like web pages on the Internet. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) enables file transfers between networked devices, while protocols like SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) handle critical management and administrative tasks like monitoring network health, sending emails, and automating device addressing. These various protocols collectively work seamlessly behind the scenes to facilitate ubiquitous connectivity and data exchange between devices across large and small computer networks.

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computer networking write for us

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