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What is Solar?

Solar Write for Us

Solar is a concept that, according to its etymological root, has different meanings. When the term comes from the Latin word solāris, it linked to the Sun.

Solaris we can say that is a term that currently refers to several things:
-This how a rock group from Hungary is called.
-It’s the title of a video game.

In the same way, it is the name of an operating system that Sun Microsystems have created.
-It is the title of a novel written in 1961 by the Polish author Stanislaw Lem, and that puts on the table issues such as new planets, artificial intelligence, aliens …
-It is the title of three different films: a 1968 Soviet directed by Nikolai Nirenbur, another also Soviet from 1972 headed by Andrei Tarkovski, and one from 2002, who is American and is directed by Steven Soderbergh.

In this way, we can mention different ideas. The solar time that which is measured according to the apparent movement of the Sun over a given horizon. Thus we can speak of daylight, solar day, solar year, etc.

The solar wind, for its part, refers to the movement of the outer layer of the Sun, called the solar corona, and formed by plasma. This wind is radiation that the Sun emits in different directions and continuously.

Solar energy

It can be also called as solar energy. The energy source that comes from the Sun’s radiation is renewable energy. It does not end with their use.

It is also considered clean energy since it does not produce pollution.
In addition to these advantages, solar energy has also experienced a notable increase in recent years due to other benefits it offers, such as the following:
-Above all, It is an excellent alternative for those areas where it is almost impossible for power lines to reach electricity.
-It has minimal maintenance, so it does not suppose any concern for the user in question.
-It is an essential economic saving for the individual because he will not have to make the disbursement of electric current.
-Because it is much safer, so it does not put those who use it at risk of any kind.
-Because their facilities do not require a specific space to be placed, they are generally located on the roofs of buildings.

Solar can also come from the soil. In that case, it can refer to a built-up land or land capable of being built. For example: “I have not yet decided how I am going to take advantage of the lot that belonged to my father,” “The government confiscated a lot located by the river.
Finally, the idea of solar can refer to a lineage or a descendant.

In the field of genealogy, the solar house is the one that was the first where a notable individual bore his surname. Other places can be generated from this solar house, linked to descent and changes of the surname.

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Solar Write for us

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