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7 Best Business Accounting Software Tools For Startups

7 Best Business Accounting Software Tools For Startups

Business Accounting Software Tools For Startups – Accounting software is just one of many business apps you should acquire when starting a company. The top accounting software allows you to make invoices, track sending and receiving payments, detect and track past-due receivables, and generate reports to examine your financial condition as well as other elements of your organisation.

We looked at over 100 apps to help you select the finest accounting software for the company. And also, looked for cost-effective, user-friendly accounting app or software with time-saving features like automated bank feeds, chargebacks, & online billing & payment acceptance. We also looked for software that offered complete, configurable, real-time financial reporting, as this is perilous for keeping track of and grasping your company’s finances.

Here are our top picks, as well as info on how we chose them.

The 7 Best business Accounting Software tools –

1. FreshBooks


It can be difficult to locate a bookkeeping and accounting tool that meets your needs if you need to make & send invoices. Some systems excel in invoicing but lack accounting capabilities, while others have good accounting capabilities but poor invoicing capabilities. The best accounting software for small business is a winner in both categories.

However all accounting software packages feature invoicing functions, The format is simple to use, and you can add billable costs and effort, personalise the invoice’s appearance, including setting up recurring invoices, bill payment reminders, including late fees only with a few clicks.

The accounting software links to the bank, offers a variety of reports, keeps track of time, & assists you with project management.

2. Intuit QuickBooks Online

What is it that QuickBooks can’t do? Small businesses all throughout the country utilise this extremely popular accounting software. Accountants are keen to commend the app for its low cost, ease of use, plus efficiency. It’s difficult to identify many shortcomings in QuickBooks, especially given the needs of today’s smaller firms.

QuickBooks Online is a feature-rich accountancy platform that lines with a wide range of company apps and is reasonably priced. To close the loop on the sales, many firms find it beneficial to link their card processing supplier to their accounting software. The fact that now the software is cloud-based & updated on a regular basis appeals to us.

3. Plooto


Plooto is a transaction platform that allows small businesses to track all of their transactions in one place, providing them a clearer picture of their finances and much more management over them. Payments, approvals, reconciling, & reporting are all managed through the same dashboard.

4. Oracle Netsuite

Oracle’s NetSuite is an outstanding alternative for entrepreneurs that want a detailed picture of their operations while simplifying accounting functions. NetSuite is our recommendation for the best accounting software integrating enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions because it allows you to accomplish all parts of your organisation from a single dashboard.

5. Zoho Books

Micro Businesses require easy accounting software, which Zoho Books provides. Zoho Books includes all of the essential functionality for small businesses, as well as more complex capabilities like project billing & time tracking. It also offers integrations, allowing you to use the programme as your company grows. Because of its convenience & value, we chose Zoho Books as such best accounting solution for microbusinesses.

6. ZarMoney


There are almost no pricing mysteries with ZarMoney. The group’s website clearly states how much you’ll spend each month, hence why we selected it as our top option for the most transparent accounting system. It’s much too often difficult to estimate how well an accounting programme will cost, showing shopping tough. ZarMoney, on the other hand, prides itself to be transparent, which is reflected in its pricing options.

7. GoDaddy

For business owners who should handle both offline and online sales, the lines between sales channels are increasingly blurring, hence why having an accounting platform that can maintain every one of those transactions together is critical.

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping is our pick for the finest accounting system for online sellers since you receive all of those functions at a reasonable price.


Accounting software simplifies billing & accounting for small businesses, and it is not really expensive. Most programmes have a variety of options to suit your goals & budget. “FreshBooks is the finest accounting system for invoicing since it is so modest to use.” by Wikipedia.

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