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What is on The 3 Levels of The Internet

What is on The 3 Levels of The Internet

Internet security is a topic that is not usually discuss. But we are much more interested in current trends, viral news, and videos than in staying informed about the potential risks we face every day while surfing the web(3 Levels of the Internet).

The Internet has several levels, in which you can find different types of information and which are accessed differently. It is worth knowing each one, discovering the type of content, and the risks you will encounter.

The 3 Different Types of Webs (or) 3 Levels of the Internet

Clear Web

The clear web or world wide web is the region with which we are all most familiar. Its content has been indexed by the most common search engines and can be accessed publicly. Everything that we can find through search engines, which seems to be an infinite amount of content, represents only approximately 10% of what is on the Internet. Can you imagine the size of the rest of the content?

Deep Web

Deep web refers to regions of the Internet hidden from the public. To access the Deep Web, you need to have access to the Tor network, which stands for The Onion Router. This Internet browser uses a network of servers that continuously redirect any incoming connection, which manages to maintain the anonymity of people who navigate it. Its objective is to hide the location and use of user content from anyone who is monitoring the networks or performs traffic analysis.

Dark Web

The dark web is the deepest area of the Deep Web. It refers to the regions that are out of sight in a completely deliberate way. Here you can find a lot of illegal content. In this region, the key is anonymity: black market, drugs, terrorism, sale of illegal items, hackers.

Always Alert Whiles Using Internet

If you ever get to venture into one of the deepest areas of the Internet, you must be very careful. If on the Clear Web, On the other hand,it is important to stay alert and not share your personal information, imagine how important it is to do it in areas where anonymity gives users the freedom to do, publish, sell and defraud as they wish.

When you are browsing, it is possible to find criminals willing to steal your identity, bank, and personal information. It is very important to keep your information safe and secure.
Talk to your family about the possible dangers they face when browsing the Internet, always use an antivirus, look for tools that inform you if your data is already use by a criminal in the Deep or Dark Web, and never share your information with strangers. It will always be better to prevent.

Protecting your information is key to avoid being the victim of an undesired situation.

If you have doubts about whether your data or those of your family, could circulate in insecure or illegal Internet sites and henceforth be aware if any of them could be compromised, a good option would be to contract the services of a provider that it scans your data to locate if any of them circulates on the Internet exposed to the eyes of possible criminals or criminals.

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