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17 YouTube Video Ideas to Upload More Content

17 YouTube Video Ideas to Upload More Content

YouTube Video Ideas – When you run a YouTube channel, you need to upload videos frequently. This is the only way to retain your audience’s interest and to boost your channel’s discoverability. First, Learn the basics of how to make a video or film, from the first draft to the final cut. Plus, get expert tips to help you nail every step of the video production process.

In this article, you are going to find video ideas that are very popular on the platform so that you never run out of content to upload. However, whenever you post something new, make sure to boost it with views and likes from the best site to buy subscribers.

#1 Reveal your Unpopular Opinions

Reveal your Unpopular Opinions - YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas – Users like to follow YouTubers that have strong opinions and they are not afraid to show it. A video where you explain your unpopular opinions is a great way to prove this. This video can also be a great way to boost engagement on your channel as viewers will want to leave comments.

#2 Respond to Someone Else’s Opinion

This video idea relates to the previous one and many creators post both of them. For this video idea, you will read other unpopular opinions and respond to them. This is a great type of video to respond to your viewers’ opinions, thus helping you get closer to them.

#3 React to the Most Trending Videos

Reaction videos are very popular on YouTube. Therefore, this is a type of content that will bring you a lot of views. When you post a video like this, make sure to enhance it with views from the best site to real youtube subscribers.

#4 Accept a 30-Days Challenge

Viewers like to watch creators that challenge themselves. This way, you can try something new for 30 days and film your experience. Every day, you can post short videos with your progress and in the end, an overall video with the changes that you have noticed.

#5 Review Something

Review Something - YouTube Video Ideas

One video that has been consistently popular is that of reviewing. For this type, you can review songs, movies, books, tech products, and any other thing that interests you. No matter what you do, stay inside your niche, and help your channel by visiting the best site to buy subscribers.

#6 Make a List of your Favorite Songs or Movies

Another popular video idea is to make lists of your favorite things. This will let your viewers get to know you better and you can engage them in conversation. A good idea is to create lists at the end of the year with your favorite songs and movies from the previous months.

#7 Shoot a Shopping Haul Video

A video idea that can fit in any niche is that of a shopping haul. If you are a fashion YouTubers, then you can share the clothes and cosmetics you have purchased. If you are a book YouTuber, you can show the books that you bought.

#8 Create a Lip Sync Parody Video

Create a Lip Sync Parody Video - YouTube Video Ideas

Comedy is very popular on YouTube. Therefore, parody videos and lip-syncing videos are very entertaining and get a great number of views. To make your parodies stand out, boost them with views and likes from the best site to buy subscribers.

#9 Share your Personal Experiences

Vlogging was one of the first popular niches on YouTube and it still continues to gain a lot of attention. So, no matter your niche, you can take a moment to share your personal experiences. This will help you show your true self to your viewers.

#10 Share a Tech Tutorial

One of the top reasons that users go to YouTube is to look at various tutorials. So, if your channel is on the tech niche, you can start uploading various tutorials. This type of content will bring you a lot of video views, likes, and subscribers.

#11 Play an Indie Game

Gaming is probably the most popular niche on the platform. There are hundreds of channels that post gaming content. To make your channel stand out, you will need to upload the gameplay of an indie game that is up-and-coming. In addition to this, get views and likes from the best site to buy subscribers for greater success.

#12 Show a DIY Gift Project

Show a DIY Gift Project - YouTube Video Ideas

Users have turned into lifehacks and DIY channels because they offer them great ideas to make their lives better. For your channel, you can offer to your audience awesome and easy gift ideas that they can prepare for their loved ones. 5-minute Crafts is a great channel for offering simple and impressive ideas.

#13 Explain VFX and CGI in Movie Scenes

Many users are interested in movies and how they are shot. Especially nowadays that a lot of movies use CGI and VFX, many viewers will be interested to learn how they are shot. Therefore, this type of video will help your channel. However, the results will be greater if you visit the best site to buy subscribers.

#14 Create a Timeline Video

Another interesting video idea is to create a timeline that shows the evolution of various things. For example, a music channel can show a timeline of a band’s releases and a history channel a timeline of events that led to a historical moment. This is a versatile topic that will bring you a lot of subscribers.

#15 Upload the Cover of a Song

Upload the Cover of a Song

If you are a musician, then you should regularly upload covers of popular songs. Of course, you should also upload your own creations but covers will bring many new users to your channel. An easy way to boost this type of video is to get subscribers, views, and likes from the best site to buy subscribers.

#16 Post “A Day in My Life” Video

This is a popular video idea(YouTube Video Ideas) for all of the lifestyle bloggers. In this video, you will film your day from the beginning, until you go to sleep. In it, you can explain your beauty routines, your meals, and your workouts. Moreover, you can hang out with friends and have fun.

#17 Create a Video Mashup

Create a Video Mashup

Lastly, a great video idea(YouTube Video Ideas) is to make video compilations and mashups. For this, you will use various videos that you find online. The big benefit of this type of content is that you can adapt it to any possible niche.

These video ideas will let you post more frequently on your channel. Make sure that you always boost your channel with subscribers, views, and likes from the best site to buy subscribers to grow it faster.

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