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YouTube-Definition and What does it Take to Get Started?

YouTube-Definition and What does it Take to Get Started?

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Youtube Definition

YouTube is a video hosting platform, and, personally, my main entertainment platform. A long time ago, I stopped consuming traditional television, in favor of this platform and streaming, such as HBO or Netflix. And, as a consumer, on YouTube, I can choose what content to follow, subscribing to specific channels. As if it were a service, these channels are updated with new videos so that I can enjoy them as and when I want.

Through monetization, authors perceive benefits thanks to the ads shown in the videos. Today many people earn their daily bread thanks to their YouTube channel. They are known as YouTubers and are highly taken into account by big brands for their promotions.

Do you want to start on YouTube and don’t know how? Do not worry, in this article; we will guide you.




we will not recommend that you buy a camera of 900 euros or 977 usd, nor a Mac of 2000 € or 2173 usd to start on YouTube because we must not forget that few succeed on the platform. And by succeeding, I mean that they can live exclusively from it. Therefore, we must always keep our feet on the ground and manage, if possible, with something accessible and if it is cheap, better than better. If later it works, there will be time to buy better equipment.

That said, to start recording videos for YouTube, I recommend that you start with your mobile camera. Let’s see, make sure it is at least a decent camera (if your mobile is of medium-high range, it will be enough to start). Adjust the levels of the camera settings and make sure the area is well lit before you start shooting. If you are shooting outdoors, use accessories that attenuate camera shake, such as a tripod. There are very cheap on the Internet, and they are a sea of ​​useful.

Using the mobile camera when we are starting on YouTube is the most sensible thing to do. This device, in addition to helping us record our videos, can be used for hundreds of other things. So, if you are going to have to buy a mobile phone because yours doesn’t last, at least, it will be useful even if YouTube doesn’t work as you expect.


For audio, I recommend that you use a portable recorder. In general, the microphone that comes in the default mobile phones is usually a bit mediocre. The ideal is to get hold of a portable voice recorder, whose files can be dumped digitally. These types of devices are not very expensive. They are around 20 or 30 euros or 32 usd. And it is that, although most people underestimate this topic, if a YouTube video is not listened to or is not understood as it should, the majority of users leave it immediately. Good audio will help us to interpret our message as we want.

As a little trick, when you start recording the video, slap it for later in the video editing, you can synchronize the image with the audio. And For audio editing, it is best to used tools available online like EchoRemover2 in removing echo and reverbs, and cleaning up audio


As I said before, we will need to edit the video before uploading it to YouTube, if only to link the audio of the recorder with the video that we have captured with the mobile. To do this, we will have to utilize(use) video editing software, such as Adobe Spark, which is intuitive and straightforward. If you are not convinced, you can try other applications. There are hundreds on the Internet, even free.

Finally, we will have to create the video thumbnail before uploading it to the youtube platform. To do this, choose a frame (or take a photo with your mobile for that purpose) and give it some magic with an image editing software. Make sure that the thumbnail attracts attention and perfectly describes the content of the video.

And that’s all. I hope these tips have been useful to you, and you can start your journey on YouTube. Hopefully and you have a great community. After all, it is the most important thing.

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