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Window Frame Write for Us, Contribute, Guest post

window frame write for us

Window Frame Write for Us

The window frame is the structural component that surrounds and supports the glass of a window. It consists of two vertical sides called jambs, a horizontal top member called the head, and a bottom sill. Frames are typically made from wood, vinyl, aluminum, or composite materials. Wood frames offer a traditional aesthetic but require more maintenance against rot and insects over time.

Vinyl and aluminum frames are durable, low-maintenance options in various colors. Composite frames blend wood and plastic for the best of both materials. The frame acts as a mounting surface for installation into a window opening in a wall. It seals the glass from air and moisture infiltration to insulate the indoor environment. Window frames come in various configurations and can feature decorative trim pieces. Properly installed, they securely hold window glass while providing a finished appearance around the window perimeter.

Types of Window Frames

Wood frames – Made from various wood types like pine, cedar, or fir. It requires periodic sealing/painting but provides a charming look.

Vinyl frames – It is Manufactured from durable PVC vinyl. It requires little maintenance and comes in an array of colors. More affordable than wood.

Aluminum frames – It is made from aluminum alloy. Robust, lightweight, and never require painting. Can conduct heat/cold efficiently.

Composite frames – Blend wood fibers/plastic for the look of wood with benefits of vinyl like low maintenance, often wood-plastic composite.

Fiberglass frames – Manufactured from reinforced fiberglass. Extraordinarily durable and don’t corrode or conduct heat/cold.

Casement frames – Hinged window frames open outward like a door on the sides of the window. They are used for easy cleaning from the outside.

Double-hung frames – Upper and lower sashes can independently slide up and down within the frame, which is the most common style.

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window frame write for us

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