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Window Cat Door Write for Us, Contribute, Guest post

window cat door write for us

Window Cat Door Write for Us

A window cat door allows cats to enter and exit a home through a window opening. It consists of a plastic or metal-flapped portal mounted into a cut-out section of a window frame. It allows cats to come and go while keeping other animals and insects outside. To install a window cat door, the homeowner first measures the opening needed and cuts out a matching oval or round shape in one window pane.

They then securely screw or adhesion mount the weighted portal flaps of the cat door into the window frame surrounding the opening. It seals it in place while allowing easy push-through access for felines. The flaps are designed not to blow open in the wind but give way when a cat passes through. With a window cat door, cats can enjoy indoor-outdoor access without owners having to constantly open doors to let them in or out of the home.

How Do Window Cat Doors Prevent Other Animals And Insects From Entering The House?

The opening is sized specifically for cats. It’s too small for most other animals, like dogs, raccoons, and opossums, to fit their bodies through. The flaps are mounted so they flex inward easily when a cat pushes out but meet resistance pushing inward, making it hard for other animals to move in from outside. Some higher-end models use a weight sensor, so the door only opens fully for animals over a certain weight, like cats, not insects or small rodents. The internal mechanism and weighted flaps allow outward access when a cat leaves but flex back to partially block the opening when not in use, discouraging other animals from entering. Properly mounted, the entire portal is sealed into the window frame, leaving no gaps or spaces for insects, rodents, etc., to squeeze around the perimeter.

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