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Why is Test Automation crucial for Oracle Cloud Testing?
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Why is Test Automation crucial for Oracle Cloud Testing?

Why is Test Automation crucial for Oracle Cloud Testing? – Nowadays, many enterprises want to move to the Oracle Cloud, as it helps them speed up their business growth. Oracle Cloud requires less operating costs and has higher scalability/ flexibility as compared to other cloud counterparts. As a part of continuous delivery, Oracle rolls out quarterly updates. These updates consist of new features, functionalities, and bug fixes from previous releases.

Although the benefits of Oracle Cloud quarterly updates are numerous, they’ve the potential to impact your existing business processes and workflows. In order to avoid any business disruptions post deployment of updates in production, it is recommended to execute Oracle testing. Manual testing approaches are full of inaccuracies and inadequate risk coverage, it is recommended that you should leverage Oracle test automation.

What is Oracle Cloud testing?

The Oracle Cloud quarterly updates can impact the existing business processes, workflows, integrations, etc. they cannot be deployed without testing. Leveraging Oracle test automation, you can ensure end-to-end test coverage. Test automation can be used to validate whether or not the Oracle Cloud apps are working as expected.

Automated Oracle Cloud testing is crucial because of the following reasons:

Maintain Business Flows: Whenever a change in business process occurs, it must be tested to understand its impact on the other critical business workflows. Oracle automated testing makes you more agile as you can implement changes quickly, without risking your business continuity.

Maintain Customizations: Oracle Cloud ERP is highly customizable. With every Oracle Cloud update, there is a high possibility that these customizations might break. With Oracle Cloud test automation, you can quickly execute regression testing to avoid business process and workflow disruptions.

Maintain Integrations: Oracle Cloud Apps allow multiple integrations with productivity tools like office 365, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc. To make sure that these integrations do not break during updates, it’s important to perform regression testing with each update.

Maintain Compliance: As with every Oracle Cloud update, there’s a possibility of role change, it’s imperative to implement the test automation tool to test the security and user privileges during each update.


Oracle provides a short window of two weeks to test updates, hence leveraging a robust test automation tool is mandatory. A reliable test automation tool like Opkey can speed up your testing cycles and minimize efforts with its state-of-the-art technology like change impact analysis, no code automation, test discovery, etc. You can easily get 3 day Oracle Cloud update certification with Opkey.

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