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What Is The Dark Web? – Find Out How To Enter The Dark Web?
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What Is The Dark Web? – Find Out How To Enter The Dark Web?

What is the Dark Web?

The Hidden Internet Is of the deep Web and the dark Web, and they immediately spark interest. This Deep and Dark Web is populated with content that is at least dubious. Even becoming illegal, and is talked about in movies, almost always referring to their illegal and dangerous nature.

Its name does not involve any mystery beyond the content that can be found there. Since it is called the Hidden Internet to that part of the Web that is not indexed by conventional search engines.

In other words, they are normal web pages that we could find on the Visible Internet. But thanks to the dynamic or private nature of their content, search engines are not able to crawl and add them to their database.

It is very true, in addition, that criminal activity can be found in this area of the network. But also interesting content of all kinds, such as academic reports and scientific investigations that seek to flee from the usual channels of the disclosure.

How To Access the Dark Web?

To access this Dark web, it is necessary to use special browsers such as the one provided by the Tor Project initiative and called The Onion Router, since common browsers such as Chrome, Explorer or Firefox are not useful for this purpose.

Tor Browser will block plugins like Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime, and many others that can reveal your IP address, putting your anonymity at risk.
Accessing the deep network is relatively easy thanks to browsers like Tor, and can greatly facilitate access to restricted information.

What is Tor?

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Tor Project is an open initiative whose ultimate goal is to achieve completely anonymous Internet browsing, away from the annoying cookies that track our activity and the various tools that search engines deploy to find out where, how, when, and what we do on the Internet.

Under this premise, to achieve absolute privacy, Tor is based on a free browser, The Onion Router, developed in a way that keeps the identity of its users and the information exchanged on it secret.

It uses “Onion Routing,” which explained simply, refers to how messages travel through routers or virtual tunnels, where each router through which the message passes from origin to destination, decrypts (strips each layer like an onion) the messages before sending the information to the next router.

It works through volunteer-operated servers, which route traffic and donate its bandwidth to make it work.

This function also makes it possible to access blocked or inaccessible pages from common browsers, since it works directly between users who use the Onion browser.

Tor, therefore, is the gateway to the Hidden Network.

Also, it allows you to use Tor on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux without having to install additional software.

Is Tor Really Private and Anonymous?

There are different reasons why people use Tor. By being able to browse anonymously, it allows people to buy all kinds of illegal substances without being tracked.

In the online market known as Silk Road. You can find pirated or copyrighted content, medicines and drugs, and even firearms.

However, Tor is not perfect. If not used in the right way, it can even have the opposite effect.

Accessing through Tor the usual services found in the Visible Internet. Such as Gmail, makes your location possible, and someone could track you.

Precautions While Entering the Dark Web

However, it is advisable to be extremely cautious when entering this dark part of the Internet. Your data may be compromise and create a serious problem for you.

Remember never to reveal any personal data and create a unique username for this purpose.

How to know if Your Data is on the Dark Web?

If you have doubts about whether your data is in the Deep or the Dark Web, use countermeasures.

A good option is to hire the services of a provider. That scans your data to locate if any of them circulates on the Internet. And exposed to the eyes of possible criminals or criminals.

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