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Top 4 Things to Consider before Choosing Sectional Couch Covers
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Top 4 Things to Consider before Choosing Sectional Couch Covers

Top 4 Things to Consider before Choosing Sectional Couch Covers : When you choose sectional couch covers, you’re picking the dress for your furniture item. Just as you pay close attention to your outfit, you should also be careful while choosing the perfect cover for your sectional couch. However, keep in mind that not every cover is suitable for your sectional couch.

Covers will drastically change the appearance of your sectional couch and hide unwanted strains. But, the internal structure of the couch won’t be changed. So, if your sofa is lumpy or sagging, couch covers won’t make them more comfortable.

But, covers for your sectional couch will undoubtedly protect it from other elements of threats. But, choosing the best couch cover is an overwhelming task. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 things that you need to consider before purchasing sectional couch covers.

Consider the Look

Choosing the look of your sectional couch cover is very important. Remember that couch covers are available in many looks ranging from cheap to expensive. They are also tailored very accurately. Hence, make sure you’re choosing a couch cover that is relevant to your home as well as the color of your living room. You can also choose a loose or relaxed color so that your couch can showcase a casual effect. On the other hand, if you want a formal look, you should choose a tailored look that will be perfect for the lines of your sofa. Your general decoration style will determine the look as well as the shape of the furniture.

Consider the Weight of the Fabric

Many people don’t consider the fabric weight and end up purchasing extremely heavy cover for their sectional couch. As per Makers Valley, the fabric weight is measured in GSM. Remember that not every fabric is perfect for sectional couch covers. As a common rule, you should not choose very heavy upholstery fabrics such as velvets and chenille as they might fail to adapt to the quality of the furniture. However, even though these materials are heavy, they can also increase the beauty of your covers if you give them a personalized and structured look. Instead of purchasing heavy covers, consider choosing covers of medium weight so that they can easily fit the furniture.

Consider the Length

You must consider the length of the couch covers. Remember that sectional couch covers should not touch the ground. Additionally, even the loose ends should be designed in a way that would not cover the legs of the furniture. If you happen to have a wooden frame on your sectional couch, you should leave the bottom exposed.

Consider the Details

The detailing is another important thing you need to consider before buying covers for your sectional couch. Some specific details such as welting are an attractive design for a couch cover. You can purchase ready-made welting covers, or integrate the design will customizing your sectional couch covers.

However, don’t forget to decide whether you want contrast welting or self-welting on your couch covers. Contrast welting will draw attention to the line whereas; self-welting will make those lines more visible. You can also include fringes, braids, or buttons depending on your preferences.


These are the top 4 things you need to consider before purchasing sectional couch covers. Do you have any questions? Comment down below and we’ll respond soon.

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