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Main Features that a Good Laptop Should Have

Main Features that a Good Laptop Should Have

It may be that you need to look for a new laptop since the one you have at home or in the office has become obsolete. This is common due to how fast the world of computing is advancing. Now, do you know what the main characteristics that a good laptop should have to be able to use it for anything are? In the event that you have doubts when choosing yours, the most recommended is to go to a Lenovo Madrid store or one that is specialized in the world of computers to advise you on your purchase. There are many brands, but for some time, Lenovo has stood out for offering excellent value for money. Hence our previous reference.


The processor of a computer can be seen as its brain. The more power, the faster the load of the different applications and actions that we carry out will go. Here we can find two great families: the Intel and the AMD. The first of them is the most used and demanded by users. Within its range of processors, if we want the equipment to last us over time and not become obsolete in a short time, an Intel Core i7 should be our minimum choice. If we already have a large budget, the i9 would be the perfect option.

SSD Hard Drive

If we are looking for speed, both in reading and writing to the disk, SSD disks should be our option. By using them, you will realize how fast the computer turns on and loads any application, compared to SATA. The problem is that the price of the equipment will become more expensive, especially if we are looking for large capacity hard drives.

Full HD for the Screen

Everyone who buys a new computer should bet on a minimum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080px. In the current era in which we live, where 4K or QHD is the order of the day, we should not ask for less if the resolution is higher then better than better. Screens from 13 ″ to 14 ″ are the most excellent result they give in all situations: neither too small nor too large.

Operating System

Although there is a wide variety of operating systems, for most users, Windows is still the system of choice. It currently offers version 10. For those who are tired of this SSOO or are looking to change their scenery, they can always opt for a clean computer and then install the operating system they need. Alternatively, we also find the Apple iOS, but they are available for Apple computers.


If you want your laptop to see improved performance, it is essential to ensure that the RAM comes configured with a dual-channel, that is, that it has two RAM slots that contain two memory modules (2x4GB or 2x8GB). If possible, it would be advisable that the equipment did not have the memory modules soldered to the board in order to update them in the future.

Our suggestion is that you have at least 8GB of RAM, but if it can be more, much better. In the event that you want it to play, 16GB would be the most recommended to make it last longer. We must not forget that with each passing day, the games require more requirements.

WIFI 802.11ac

This wireless connectivity standard will provide us with a higher data transfer rate and speed, which is welcome in a world where we are continuously connected. If you already have 802.11ad WIFI, better than better.

In addition to what we have discussed, what other characteristics should a laptop have to last us in time? Encourage you and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

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