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Tactical Machining Write for Us

Tactical Machining Write for Us

What is Tactical Machining?

Basically The Tactical Mechanised Group contributed by Spain to the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) of the NATO in 2018 has finished its training in stabilization operations in the “Resolute Action” exercise, conducted from the 21st of April to the 4th of May at “San Gregorio” Training Centre, Zaragoza.

On the Other hand, this exercise consisted of developing mainly offensive actions and, to a lesser extent, defensive and supporting actions in a hybrid war stage inside a semidesert environment and with the presence of civilian people. Reception, transition, and vanguard and rearguard procedures were also put into practice.

The exercise was useful for the members of the Tactical Group -in which personnel from the 2nd “La Reina” Regiment, the 10th “Córdoba” Regiment, and the 10th Engineers Battalion also participated- in the sense that they could reach the required training in order to face the next international exercises in Noruega -“Brillian Jump” and “Trident Juncture” exercise-, in between October and November of 2018.

This exercise was also involved units from the 1st Infantry Motorised “Guipúzcua” Battalion, performing real fire exercises with middle mortars and anti-vehicles missiles; an electronic war light team with interception and location abilities belonging to the 31st Electronic War Regiment, and personnel of the 12th Bridge-makers and Engineers Regiment. Apart from them, second Lieutenants cadets belonging to the 4th course of the Military General Academy composing commands in different units also attended this exercise.

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