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3 Proven Strategies For Building a Chatbot

3 Proven Strategies For Building a Chatbot

Building a Chatbot – Artificial intelligence has taken over the world nowadays, and with the availability of chatbots, manual efforts have reduced to an extent. Chatbots may look simple when using them, but it’s much more challenging to develop a good one in reality.

Creating a website or an app for any purpose, including chatbots, can impress the users. Developing a chatbot is difficult, but developing a successful one can be more challenging.

In case you are wondering how to build a chatbot, you will get to know it in the article.

There are a few strategies or ways that you can follow to build a chatbot successfully. But before knowing these strategies, let’s take a look at some necessary details about chatbots like its type and features so that you can have a good idea about building one.

Types of Chatbots

There are different types of chatbots available, but the most famous chatbots are:


These chatbots are smart and can have relatively intelligent conversations. This type includes:

  • Rule-based chatbots
  • AI-based conversational bots

Area of Application

There are some notable chatbots as well, depending on the type of business. It includes:

  • Virtual Sales Representatives
  • Customer Support
  • Personal Assistant


Based on the platform where you want to use a chatbot, there are different chatbots types. They include:

  • Web Chatbot
  • Mobile Apps Chatbot
  • Messengers
  • Voice Assistants like Alexa

These are the most commonly developed chatbots. So, depending on your requirements, you can choose the one.

Features of Chatbot

When it comes to developing a Chatbot, there are certain features that a user expects. Without these features, the chatbot will not be much useful. Some of the essential features of a chatbot are:

  • Seamless communication
  • Reply with images, texts, and links
  • Integration with other infrastructure
  • Take actions like send an email
  • Secure environment
  • Accessibility

These are some essential but necessary features that you must include while developing a chatbot.

3 Proven Strategies for building a Chatbot

Now, let’s see the three strategies you can follow to build a chatbot successfully.

1- Identify the type, features, and platform of your Chatbot

The first most important thing about building a chatbot is to plan the basics of the chatbot. Before starting with the development process, you need to identify the type of chatbot you want to build and what platform you want to make it for. Whether you’re going to develop a chatbot only for your website, app, or both and what kind of chatbot you want, all these things are to be identified before beginning with the process.

Once you know this, the next thing to do is determine the features you want to include in the chatbot.

2- Select a Technology Stack and develop the conversation

The chatbot framework matters a lot because, based on this, the chatbot will be working. So, you can pick one framework that you like and choose suitable developers. Depending on the framework, the developers will start building your chatbot.

Besides choosing a perfect framework for your chatbot, it is crucial to design a relevant conversation. You can set the replies that the chatbot will give. But remember that in building a chatbot, the developers you hire for the work are the most important because they’ll be designing and developing the chatbot.

3- Train and Test the Chatbot

Without giving proper training to the chatbot, there are chances that it’ll not show you the desired outcomes. There are different data sets available on which you can train your chatbot efficiently.

Once the chatbot is fully trained, it’s crucial to test it before releasing it on the platform. In the testing process, you’ll come to know whether it is working as per the requirements or not, and if the chatbot is giving suitable replies or not. So, you need to train and test your chatbot correctly before launching it on the platform.


To conclude this article, we hope you must have gotten an idea of how you can plan and strategize to build a chatbot that can give a great user experience. It would also help if you were sure of the type and features of the chatbot that you want for your website or application.

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