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RNG technology in online games – Ultimate knowledge for you

RNG technology in online games – Ultimate knowledge for you

RNG is known as a measure of the bookie’s transparency. A reputable bookmaker will have a significant influence on this technology. So what is RNG technology, and what is its role in online casino games? Please refer to the information in our article.

What is RNG technology?

RNG is a technology commonly used in online games, especially online slots (สล็อต in Thai). RNG is an algorithm created by scientists to generate random numbers. There are different types of RNGs, but the ones that casinos currently use are called Pseudo-Random Number Generators. This unique method helps reputable bookies not need any external inputs to generate output numbers. All the requirements of the RNG are just some elements of the game and an algorithm of scientists.

How does RNG work?

The RNG generates a new number of sources and results every millisecond. What makes this unique is that it doesn’t need any external input (numeric or data) to form the output. All the machine needs is an algorithm and a number of “seeds“.

New “seeds” (and results) are done simply by taking the last one or two numbers generated and then using a math operation to form a new random result.

What types of games use RNG?

There are many types of games that use RNG, such as video games, lottery, online casinos, etc. As long as it takes a random result to determine the player to win, then RNG can be used.

Types of RNG

There are two types of RNG: HRNG and PRNG.

  • Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG): HRNG generates sets of truly random numbers. This is also known as a physical RNG. However, it is no longer popular today.
  • Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG): The PRNG uses a seed number to determine the next number through a software solution.

Why do online casino games use RNG?

RNG first entered the casino scene as a way for reputable bookmakers to run slot machines. Previously, slots created winning combos like on slots by using reels to determine which symbols would appear on the pay line. But online slots are complex and can be played by bettors across multiple pay lines. Conventional gears and reels at the moment in casinos are not capable of handling this kind of complexity. As a result, the online casino industry would not have reached the massive development it is today without RNG.

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Can bettors cheat RNG?

In theory, this is possible. Since RNG is a computer algorithm, sets of numbers are easily attacked by hackers. These players can be in control and choose to bet on big rewards.

But in reality, this is almost impossible for online players. For example, in 2008, a bettor developed a program capable of predicting the outcome of a set of random numbers generated from the RNG. As a result, this bettor “won the reward” of a fixed-term prison sentence.

In addition, reputable anti-fraud organizations regularly check the operation of online casinos to ensure fairness. These inspectors are extremely meticulous and diligent in checking the authenticity of the RNG. Therefore, it is impossible for bettors to want to become brilliant scientists, inventing the RNG’s number prediction algorithm.

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