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Is Slingo played the same way as slots?
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Is Slingo played the same way as slots?

The gambling industry is constantly developing innovations especially in the iGaming world that helps keep gambling fresh and entertaining. This is illustrated perfectly by slots, and here recent new game formats such as Megaways slots, have turned conventions inside out and reinvented the virtual slot machine.

It doesn’t matter what new inventions are brought to the table, the one thing that remains universal, is that all gambling games that do not require any skill, remain easy to understand and most importantly of all, simple to play at Slots Baby slots site.

Playing Slots

Slots currently rule the gambling world when it comes to the popularity stakes and because so many people play these games, there is a huge demand for them. The result is that all online casinos have become slot-focused and store hundreds of games. Thankfully, they are arranged in a way that everyone’s favourite games are easy to find.

Playing Bingo

Although bingo is not as popular as slots, it is still a main staple of online gambling and like slots, innovations such as faster and shorter games, that are specially designed for online bingo players, has helped to keep thing fresh. Bingo is very easy to play online, and all player’s numbers are daubed for them automatically. Again, all punters must do is locate the bingo lobby and load their chosen game.


What do you get if one clever individual spotted a gap in the gambling market and decided to merge slot games with bingo games? Well, one such New Jersey businessman did just that and the result is the cleverly named Slingo. This is part bingo and part slot game all rolled into one and the purpose of the game is to appeal to those who love bingo and slots. However, Slingo has also been used to attract slot players back to bingo.

A Brief History of Slingo

Slingo does not have an illustrious history like bingo and slots, and this is because as gambling games go, it is still in its infancy. The game was invented in 1994 by New Jersey real estate developer Sal Falciglia. The bingo/slot hybrid was released as a free game to play on the AOL platform in 1996, and this was done to test the waters. Luckily, the public reacted positively to this innovation.

Slingo Today

Slingo is steadily growing in popularity and because of this, popular slots such as Starburst are being given the Slingo treatment. Although Slingo is presented on a 5×5 grid that represents a 75-ball bingo game card, it is played the same way as a slot game. First, you load up the Slingo of your choice, and then you choose your stake, finally, you press the spin icon.

The extra symbols found in Slingo such as Jokers and Super Jokers can win you cash or help you cross off numbers to form winning combinations and even a Full House. Whether you have only played bingo or slots before, the mechanics of Slingo are simple and easy to grasp. Slingo is played like a slot game, but each spin is slower as numbers are daubed off on the grid after every favourable spin.

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