Tired of a messy closet? Here are the organising tips you need to try – We’ve all seen the cartoons with overfilled wardrobes and the mountains of stuff that spill out of them. And all your life, you might have sworn you’d never let your own cupboard get that way. But fast-forward to your life now, and your closet in your hostel in Hosur Road probably looks exactly like those cartoons. It’s not your fault – it’s difficult to fit all your earthly belongings into that space. And this probably isn’t your first time trying to organise the mess either. But short of selling or donating all your treasured clothes, you don’t know how to handle the disarray. That’s where we can help. With our organising tips, you’ll be able to bring your hostel closet back into shape. So, let’s check them out.

Categorisation is key

When it comes to your hostel closet, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a huge amount of space to work with. That’s why categorizing your closet becomes super important. Grouping similar items together into sections will make it easier for you to find, store and even clean later. So store your shoes in one place, your Western outfits in another, your Indian wear in a different place, your bags in another, so on and so forth. When it comes to organising, tackle it the same way. Deal with cleaning one section at a time, that way you’ll be able to break the task down into smaller segments and take breaks. If your closet doesn’t have too many inbuilt sections, consider buying or DIY-ing some dividers or bins to put your clothes in. This easy compartmentalisation will help you stay organised throughout your time in hostel.

Get creative with hangers

The hanging section is often the most under-utilised when it comes to organisation. But an easy hack to help you declutter is to buy (or paint) matching hangers for yourself. You can then colour-coordinate your hangers to keep similar clothes together and free up a lot of floor space. Maximising your hanging section will actually help you fit a lot more into your closet, and the colours will make them easy to find. Another hanger hack you can use is to create a hanger stack by using a small chain to hold them in place. Your closet space can easily be doubled or tripled with this trick.

Bag it up

Another organisation trick that will change the way you keep your closet is to store your off-season clothes in bags at the very top or bottom shelf of your closet. Sort through your clothes and put away the items you’re definitely not going to be wearing – those bulky sweaters during the summer months, or the light cotton tops during the winter. Packing them away into smaller bags will keep them neat and out of the way during the season when they are not required. Efficient packing will also ensure that they take up less space, so feel free to use vacuum sealed bags for the best results.

Embrace vertical space

When you’re working with a small closet, you have to use every inch you’ve got. So, while you’re certainly going to be maximising your shelves and hanging spaces, make sure you use the vertical space as much as possible too. With some simple hooks and empty file folders, you can use the back of your closet doors to hang accessories and bags, as well as smaller items like scarves or bandannas. With these in place, you’re less likely to clutter up valuable shelf space, and you’ll also have these items properly displayed for you, making it a lot easier to keep track.

Make it a routine

Finally, organising your closet, or even your entire room in your hostel near T John College, isn’t a one time thing. If you’re actually going to stay organised and prevent mess, you need to make it a part of your routine. And we don’t mean you’ve got to clear out the entire closet every week either. But working on different sections through the month can help you stay on top of your organisation without feeling too pressured or burdened. And the best way to ensure that you actually do organise instead of procrastinating is by scheduling time for it in your calendar. Even if it’s five minutes every week, making organising your closet a part of your routine is a lot more sustainable than taking on a huge mess once a year.

These simple hacks will help you get on the right track when it comes to organizing your closet. Because no matter how big or small it is, you deserve to have a neat and clean space. So, forget your clutter worries and embrace these new tips towards a better organized wardrobe.