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5 Techy Accessories and Gadgets for Mac Lovers

5 Techy Accessories and Gadgets for Mac Lovers

Techy Accessories and Gadgets for Mac Lovers – Any self-proclaimed nerd knows that you can never have too many gadgets or accessories for your Mac. Having various nifty tools at your disposal can help you with a copious number of tasks, ranging from streaming your favorite series to backing up your device.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for the tech-lover on your list or are simply looking for a way to spend your holiday bonus, the following accessories and gadgets are sure to impress.

External Monitor

Even though Apple products offer fairly generous screens, many users find that having an external monitor is quite beneficial.

Having an external monitor allows users to run and view multiple programs simultaneously, making them perfect for:

  • Gamers
  • Streamers
  • Remote workers
  • Writers
  • Artists/graphic designers
  • Photographers


This gadget is extremely useful; however, it’s often overlooked by casual Mac users. USB hubs allow Mac users to connect several USBs to a single device. Having a USB hub enables you to keep your wires organized, no matter how many you have.

Most USB hubs offer more than just USB inputs; some models provide additional features, such as:

  • HDMI inputs
  • Micro-USB inputs
  • SD readers

Not to mention, USB hubs are essential for modern Mac models because most of Apple’s recent devices only offer micro-USB inputs. This means that you can finally connect your old accessories to your new Mac.

Antivirus Software

One of the reasons that a few people purchase Apple products is because they’re under the impression that they’re resistant to viruses.

Although modern Mac models come with built-in cybersecurity software, the software cannot completely protect your device from issues like malware.

Accidentally downloading malware can cause your device to slow down, which negatively affects your user experience. Furthermore, cyber-attackers can use malware to obtain your personal information and data.

If you want to protect yourself from malware and other cyberthreats, you should download a high-quality Mac antivirus program as soon as possible.

The best antivirus software can automatically scan your computer and search for suspicious activity. If or when the program identifies an issue, it notifies the user.

This proactive technique allows users to tackle cyberthreats on your Mac before they become problematic.

Back Up Drive

Mac products come equipped with a useful program called Time Machine. Time Machine allows users to back up their device continuously. If you ever require to factory reset your device, you can use Time Machine to reobtain your old files and programs.

However, to use Time Machine, you need to have an external back up drive. Back up drives are relatively affordable and, thanks to their convenient size, easy to store. This makes them a welcome addition to any Mac user’s utility belt.

External Scroll Pad

Have you recently switched from a MacBook to an iMac? Then you probably miss having the ability to use your device without a mouse. Thankfully, there’s a way that you can do that: purchasing an external scroll pad.

These nifty gadgets give users even more freedom than the built-in scroll pads because they can adjust it to their liking.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend or want to treat yourself, you can’t go wrong with the gadgets listed above.

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