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5 UNCOMMON Issues you will find in your Authoring Software
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5 UNCOMMON Issues you will find in your Authoring Software

UNCOMMON Issues you will find in your Authoring Software – When you are scaling up your online training content, you might face several challenges.

The major is depending on the desktop-based software or using multiple tools that do not deliver quality.

When you compare authoring software in recent times, they make complicated processes easier.

To adapt to a new system can be troublesome, but this short term pain will be gone when you witness the long term advantage.

Let’s take a look at the 5 uncommon issues you might be facing in using authoring software.

Difficulty in management capabilities

When designing a compliance course, you are likely to edit and update the latest regulatory laws repetitively.

In such cases, you have to recheck and update every compliance training module. Isn’t it tedious to manage?

The solution to this time-consuming problem is to create a management folder in the software that allows you to revise the core content.

By doing this, you can deploy the changes across multiple contents immediately.

Hindrance to interactive storytelling

Generating interactive storytelling content can be a challenging experience. In a technical perspective, it becomes complex.

In recent research, experts have expressed how hard it is to insert the creativeness inside the authoring tools’ scope.

Still, the answer to this question is yet to finalize the conflict.

To a certain extent, artificial intelligence algorithms are responding positively to the storytelling model with no boundaries.

Compare authoring software in the market and choose the one that goes close to the interactive storytelling format.

No going back once it’s launched!

The epic issue with the authoring software is that you can’t review and re-release the content instantly. Yes, it is out for the launch; it would take a minimum of three weeks to do modifications.

For instance, if you have launched a course and live, your learners are providing negative feedback. Before you realize its consequence, it becomes a huge issue.

In this case, using an iterative approach might solve the problem. Of course, it takes time to revamp, but it is good enough to sort out the initial stage issue.

Continuously refine your content and send for beta testing, which can get you valuable feedback, thus enabling you to produce the content your learners love to learn.

Collaboration becomes a wit’s end

When you compare authoring software in the market, they all have one common thing- accessibility to one person at one time.

If only one can operate the software, you can’t collaborate or have no room for task delegation and effective working processes.

Also, if files are stored in one desktop, it becomes a mess.

To solve this, you can employ the production team to collaborate on the project using cloud accessibility simultaneously.

Remember, it must be an up-to-date version to eliminate errors. This way, your working time decreases and consistency increases – a win-win situation!

Slow processing

As much as content creation takes time, in the same way reviewing becomes a never-ending process.

From one side getting insights from subject matter experts and designing preferences are shooting your way, from another side, feedback comes non-stop, thus affecting the production. Ugh!

To effectively deal with this problem, you can request the legal team, SMEs and clients to share their comments in the authoring tool itself.

All notes and comments are preserved on one dashboard, making it handy to make the changes one go.

The Bottom line

These five issues hinder your content creation process. However, a good authoring tool must rectify all these problems, thus creating a personalized learning experience to your audience.

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