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How to Make the Internet Work Well on Smart TV?

How to Make the Internet Work Well on Smart TV?

We live in a time when we have more and more devices connected to the Internet in our homes. This is something that, over time, will increase. However, one of the devices that we use the most with connection, beyond the mobile and computer, is television. It is very normal to have one that has an Internet connection to watch series, movies, browse, use applications on smart tv. However, sometimes the speed is not the best, or there are problems. In this article, we are going to explain what to do to improve the Internet on Smart TVs.

How to Improve the Internet on a Smart TV?

Smart TV is part of what is known as the Internet of Things(IoT). These are all the devices that we have connected to the network in our home. We can mention televisions, smart bulbs, video players. In short, any device that we have connected to the network.

Optimize the Router

Without a doubt, one of the first steps we must take to improve the Internet on a Smart TV is to optimize the router. With this, we mean to place it in the correct place, choose the best channel, keep it safe, configure the power, etc.

Normally, our router will have access to a wide range of configurations that we can take into account. The ideal is to carry out a speed test and check that it is adequate. But it is also convenient to note that there are no other routers nearby that may be using the same channel and, if so, switch to another free one. We can also configure the power of it since it can sometimes be limited.

But if there is something essential, it is the place where we place the router. Ideally, it should be in a central space of the home, but in this case, what interests us is that it is close to the television. Whenever possible, the interesting thing is that it is as close as possible since a Smart TV does not have the same range, as a general rule, that a computer can have.

Avoid Nearby Devices

You should also avoid possible devices that are wax and can interfere. For example, a computer that is connected under the television, a video player that is close to the Wi-Fi receiver, and that also connects to the Internet or even some other household appliance.

Ideally, the terrain should be as free as possible. In this way, the signal will arrive better, and we will be able to navigate more optimally. The goal is for the signal quality to be as good as possible.

Keep Software Updated

Of course, Smart TV software must be updated. Sometimes problems can arise that harm when surfing the net. This may affect our day to day and cause the speed is not the best.

We must have the latest patches and updates available not only for performance but also for security and to avoid problems. Our advice is that we install the latest versions.

Avoid Malware

By following the script a bit, it is very important to avoid malware. Having malicious software installed on television can slow down browsing and cause problems when using different applications and tools.

It is important that if we install the software it is always from reliable and safe sources. Basically, it is the same as we would do in any other device that we have connected to the Internet.

Opt for Ethernet Cable if Possible

Our router can offer the Internet via cable and wireless networks. Normally, television is connected via Wi-Fi, since it is the most comfortable and sometimes the only possibility. However, if we have the option of connecting it through an Ethernet cable, we must choose it.

We will always have better quality and speed of the Internet if we connect by wire. Thus our device will receive the signal better, and there will be no interference and, ultimately, we will save ourselves problems.

Make Use of Amplifiers

In case the previous option is not possible, and our router is also far away, the ideal is to make use of network amplifiers. We already know that we have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities in this regard. We can use repeaters, PLCs, Wi-Fi Mesh systems, etc.

These devices allow us to improve the wireless signal to connect from other places in the home. In this way, we can use our Smart TV without worrying so much about the distance of the router.

In short, these are some interesting tips to keep in mind to improve the quality and speed of the Internet when using a Smart TV.

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