Today one of the most common ways of surfing the Internet is through the mobile phone. If we ask users what they are concerned about their connection, they indeed indicate speed and quality. It is of little use to have the Internet if the speed is not adequate. In this article, we will enlight some tips and recommendations to increase the speed of the Internet on our mobile(ios and android). It is something that we can do for both iOS and Android devices, the two most used operating systems in this type of device.

How to Improve Internet Speed on ios and Android Mobile?

In the case of mobile devices(ios and Android), the Internet connection is not as stable as in desktop computers. It is logical. This is so as we move; Wi-Fi coverage is not always the most optimal and also the type of devices and their nature. That is why it is advisable to take into account some essential aspects that can make the Internet connection more stable, have fewer problems, and even be able to increase the speed in ios and Android devices.

Mobile Status

Something we have to take great care of is the state of the phone itself. This means that it is free of viruses and any type of malware that compromises its proper functioning. A computer with malicious files can significantly slow down the speed of the Internet. It could even make it almost impossible to navigate in conditions where the signal quality is not optimal.

Therefore the first advice is that our mobile is clean and in perfect condition. The good idea is to have antivirus and other security tools that can help us keep it healthy.

You should also avoid installing applications that do not come from official sites. This is so because if we download a program from third-party sites that do not inspire confidence, it could contain malicious software that slows down the system and even the Internet connection. They could even open the door for additional malware to enter.

Pay Attention to Consumption in the Background

There can be many applications that we have installed on the mobile. Today the vast majority are connected to the Internet in one way or another. It is necessary to observe the consumption in the background of this type of programs since sometimes it can be excessive.

It is interesting to have control of the applications that use the Internet. In case we notice that some are consuming more than the account, we must observe what is the reason. It may simply be that it is developed to use the Internet constantly, but there may also be some conflict.

Watch Out for Updates

Keeping our phone updated is important. It is an interesting way to protect security and also increase smooth operation. Sometimes vulnerabilities can even arise that are solved by security patches.

However, the problem comes when we have configured the updates automatically. It can be, for example, when we connect via Wi-Fi. This would mean that, in the event that we enter a limited Wi-Fi network, the mobile phone would also be updated. This would cause us to collapse the few resources we have for those updates.

So, it is advisable to pay attention to automatic updates when we connect in moments of low coverage. This can increase the speed of the Internet if you do not have enough resources.

Change Wi-Fi Band

As we know, modern routers usually offer connections in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band. There are differences, and this second option is the one that can offer higher speeds. However, it is the first, the 2.4 GHz, which offers more stability and better performance when we are connected away from the router.

It is possible that we carry out a speed test from our mobile connected to Wi-Fi, and the results are not as expected. It may be because we are not connected to the most optimal band at that time.

In cases where we are very close to the router, and we want to have a higher speed to be able to play 4K videos, the idea is to connect to the 5 GHz band. However, if we are connected from a room far from the router or many elements may interfere, the most optimal is to connect to the 2.4 GHz. In this way, the connection will be more stable, and even the speed will be less impaired.

Therefore, choosing the most suitable band can increase the speed of the Internet on our ios and Android Devices.

Use a Good Browser

It may be that the Internet connection is correct, that our mobile is free of viruses and that there is no apparent problem. However, we surf the Internet and note that the pages do not load as they should, and navigation, in general, is not the best.

This problem may simply be due to the browser we are using. It is possible that this program is not properly optimized for our operating system, that it is an outdated version or that it is not even designed for fast browsing.

Therefore, it may be interesting to have an optimal browser. A browser that offers what we need but also focuses on having acceptable results in terms of speed. There are many options, and we can try them and see how our connection behaves. There are even some browsers to save Internet data, and that requires fewer resources, in case the problem is that our mobile phone has an older system.

In short, these are some aspects that we must take into account to increase Internet speed on our ios and Android mobiles. Some basic tips that will make our connection more stable and we will not have problems using it.

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