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How 5G Will Grow in the Coming Years?
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How 5G Will Grow in the Coming Years?

Technology has changed a lot in recent years. If we think about the way we surf the Internet, there have also been important advances. Today we browse much more from mobile devices. We have a greater ability to use tools on our mobile phones, surf the Internet, download, upload files. Networks have improved significantly, and it is a reality. However, the next step is going to be the arrival of 5G. It will bring important changes. In this article, we echo a story that informs about how the number of 5G devices will increase in the coming years.

5G, the Technology That Will Change The Mobile Internet

We have been hearing for some time that 5G is going to be the mobile technology that we will use for the next decade. Without a doubt, it will cause important changes in mobile navigation and in how we interact with other users. It will open up a choice of possibilities to make everything more immediate and everything more interconnected.

It will change the way we communicate in the sense that we can make video calls with virtually no latency as if we were in the same place as the other person. But this will not only apply to communications between users but also when performing a remote surgical operation, for example.

It will undoubtedly bring important changes to our day today. We will be able to use more devices connected to the network thanks to 5G, and that also translates into making more use of the Internet of Things resources. We will have more equipment connected to each other. All this will offer a series of very interesting functions and features.

Increase in 5G devices in the coming years

This will cause the number of 5G devices to increase in the coming years. Many users will experience a transition when changing mobile devices and thus acquire one with compatibility with this technology. However, the figure does not seem to finish starting. We have been seeing 5G models for some time, but the truth is that both the price and the inability to connect to this network in most cases has slowed its progress.

According to a report, during this year, the number of devices will increase by 180%. This means to facilitate by 2021, and there will be some 340 million devices with 5G compatibility. Without a doubt, we would still be at a fairly low figure globally.

By 2022, the forecasts in this report indicate that we will reach 810 million 5G devices. They hope that we will not exceed 1,000 million until at least 2023. Specifically, for that period, they expect the figure to increase by 72.8% compared to the previous year, and we will reach 1,400 million in that year.

The round figure of 2 billion 5G devices is expected to be reached by 2024. A year later, in 2025, we would reach 2.7 billion.

Keep in mind that during the first years, these devices will be concentrated in a few countries. We will have to wait a few more years until it becomes a reality throughout the world. Therefore there is still a lengthy way to go.

5G, Benefits Not Only in Speed

5G is going to bring important benefits, as we have mentioned. Speed ​​will undoubtedly be a key factor. It will offer much higher upload and download speeds for when we browse from a mobile device that uses this technology. However, this will not be the only positive thing about this technology, far from it.

One of the most important benefits of 5G is its low latency. This is going to the possibility of many targeted uses on the Internet of Things. We can connect devices in a more real way. We will have at our disposal many possibilities to connect equipment at home and also outside. Cities will also be more interconnected.

The coverage will also be a factor to consider. It will especially improve indoor coverage. One of the problems with 4G is that when we are inside a building, the coverage usually decreases a lot. This results in poorer signal speed and quality.

It is precisely quality and stability that we will also gain with the arrival of 5G. We can connect our devices to the network and not have problems with small outages or suffer any type of inconvenience.

In conclusion, the number of 5G devices will increase in the coming years. However, there is still time to reach a really large market share. It will be progressive, and mainly from the year 2021 is when we will begin to see a more significant increase in this type of device.

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