Best Hard Drive Recovery Services – Data recovery becomes essential in case of hard drive failure. We do not know what time he would leave the hard drive. Many people have a good backup habit. Unfortunately, we were working on it would be lost if the hard drive crashes in the middle of a job.

Unexpected events such as falling off a laptop, exposure to fire or water could damage the hard drive at an incredible time. In such a situation, it would be beneficial to have someone who can help us recover the information from the damaged disk. Some companies do offer that service with different costs according to different services. Anyone in need of a hard drive recovery service can address them, and in most cases, these companies have been successful.

1. Salvagedata

SALVAGEDATA is Founded in 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio, and it is a GSA, SOC – SAS70 certified data retrieval services and software tools firm. SALVAGEDATA works with an extensive range of businesses and individual consumers to help them recover mislaid data from damaged hard drives and other digital devices. Broken hardware can be dropped off or shipped free of charge to any of the company’s 30+ locations for evaluation and recovery review. The company also offers remote evaluations and recovery review services over the Internet when media is logically but not physically damaged. The salvage data company is specialized in hard drive recovery services. The data recovery service SALVAGEDATA also provides software products and tools for all digital media storage platforms, mainframes, servers, RAID and SCSI arrays, SAN, NAS, and DAS.

2. Vantagetech

Vantagetech is located in the United States. They offer a range of data recovery services, including hard drive recovery, raid recovery, SSD recovery, USB recovery, CD and DVD recovery, PDA, MP3 player recovery, and digital camera photo recovery. They can recover data from more than 35 manufacturers of hard drives and 14 “laptop drives. Interface differences do not limit their services. They handle IDE, SCSI, FireWire, USB, RLL, MFM, ESDI, and more interface types. You can have any form of file types and partitions on your hard drive, and data can still be recovered. Regardless of your software or hard drive failure, human error, virus or malware, fire or water damage, you can still seek help from them.

Hard Drive Recovery Services

3. Datatechlab

Datatechlab is a dedicated hard drive recovery service center. They could recover the data from most hard drive brands like Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba with different interfaces. It can recover data from hard drives that failed due to fire, water, accident, mechanical failure, PCB board failure, and motor failure. Its service applies to all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX. Besides hard drive recovery service, they also provide raid recovery, flash memory recovery, camera card recovery, and mobile phone recovery.

4. Datamechanix

Datamechanix covers brand-name hard drive recovery with different interfaces like SCSI, SATA, and IDE. RAID hard drive recovery is also included in the service. They provide a vast 24/7/365 service to help people handle their data recovery quickly. If people need a spontaneous recovery, put your group in high priority. Based on different demands, you can choose a standard recovery service or an expedited recovery service. Good is that it will provide you with an analysis report with the files available for recovery and prices. You can also choose to get the data stored on the DVDs as an add-on service. Like other services, this service provides recovery of all standard systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix,

5. Hard Drive Recovery Group

The hard drive recovery group has been in business for almost 20 years. They are probably one of the oldest data recovery service providers. Its focus is on hard drive recovery, raid recovery, server recovery. Hard drive recovery group, offers services to all types of hard drives such as RAID drives. All interfaces, all operating systems, partitions, and file types can be managed. After analysis, they adopt different ways to perform data recovery using software or lab recovery. Analysis and diagnosis are free. And it also does not load if there is no recovered data.  If you want to know the prices in advance, you can ask from its official website for a free estimate. Their customer service is 24/7, and you can call them for details.


Recovering data from a damaged, dropped, corrupted, or inaccessible hard drive can be very tricky as each data loss situation is unique. That is to say, in the above article, we informationntechnology have discussed few data recovery service providers. Based on our research, we recommend SALVAGEDATA for sensitive data and complex recovery cases.