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What is 10G: Definition – Everything You Need to Know

What is 10G: Definition – Everything You Need to Know

We live in a time when we increasingly need more Internet capacity. The pages, services, and platforms we use are more complete and advanced. We can play streaming videos at high speed, download content, upload files to the cloud. We require more Internet speed than just a few years ago. All this makes technology advance very fast, and we have new services available, more powerful equipment, and a greater range of possibilities. In this article(blog), we are going to talk about everything related to 10G.

10G Definition

The first thing to remain in mind is that 10G is not a future version of 3G, 4G, or 5G. I mean, it has not anything to do with mobile technology. In this case, the “G” stands for Gigabits per second. It is, in short, the speed of the Internet. It is a technology capable of sending up to 10 Gigabits per second.

Users increasingly demand faster Internet speeds. In recent years it has indeed improved significantly. The arrival of technologies such as fiber optics has opened up a range of exciting possibilities. However, everything is moving very fast. What may seem sufficient today may not be in a few years. This means that if today we have a good Internet speed for our day to day, in a matter of 2-3 years, it may be insufficient.

This is where 10G comes into play. It is the technology that enables households to reach 10 Gigabits per second. A speed that multiplies by 10 the current one. It will be available in homes soon to anticipate the needs of users.

More and More Devices can be Connected

Not only Internet speed matters but also capacity. Today we have connected to the network a series of equipment that far exceeds what we had a few years ago. We are talking about televisions, mobiles, computers. However, the trend is that this will increase over time.

It is expected that in 2020 the average number of devices connected to the network could approach 50. If we think about it, it is not a crazy figure. In a family home, we can have one mobile per person, a laptop, perhaps a family desktop, several tablets, an ebook, televisions, video transmission devices. Additional devices are connected to the network.

But in addition, these devices are used for longer and with more requirements. We can mention, for example, the sending of video or music to play in Streaming from other devices. This requires a stable and high-capacity Internet connection. Online games will be more demanding, and they will require a higher speed if we do not want to suffer cuts, as well as making high-quality video calls.

However, the use of 10G technology will not only provide more speed. It will also bring improvement in terms of latency, something that will be essential when carrying out different actions such as some of those we have discussed: playing on the Internet, making video calls, voice calls. Ping, beyond the speed, is key in these cases.

10G is Close to Being a Reality

The arrival of 10G is very close. Actual testing will begin, and it is expected that it will not take much longer to reach end consumers. It will be an important change for domestic connections, and that will bring greater capacity to our day to day on the network.

Keep in mind that in most of our homes, we have a connection capacity of 1 Gbps. That does not represent that this is the speed that we have since it will depend on the contracted rate. However, it is the cap that we can hire in case new possibilities gradually emerge.

That is why the arrival of 10G is a necessity sooner or later. As soon as the companies launch 2 Gbps rates, it will be necessary to update if we want to have the maximum speed. This process will be gradual, but it will not take us long to start seeing much higher speeds.

In short, 10G will bring important changes to Internet technology. It will be necessary if we want to adapt to the speeds that will arrive in a few years. It won’t take us long to see how the top speed can be multiplied by 10G.

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