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Dark Web -Is It Dangerous to Enter into It ? and The Hidden Face of it

Dark Web -Is It Dangerous to Enter into It ? and The Hidden Face of it

One of the first statements about the Internet is that if something exists, it is found in Google and, within it, in the first results. Anything that appears beyond the first page of results no longer interests us, and there are even jokes about the secondary pages that appear in the search. They say that the finest place to hide a body is on the second page of the Google search engine.

But this statement could not be more erroneous since it estimates that more than 96% of content on the Internet is not indexed in the usual search engines (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!). This means that to access these web pages, you must do it through special browsers and directly write the address in the navigation bar. But why is there more than one Internet?

The hidden Internet: the dark Web

The answer to this question comes from the very nature of a network connection. The Internet is base on the connection between computers, of which some function as servers. That is, they serve information from one another to computers.

These servers store the information found on the Internet. The success of Google and its search engine is base on the fact that its computer program is capable of indexing the existing information on those servers and organizing it so that it can, of course, search. For a web page to be index. It must have a domain that can be read as (.com or .net, etc.) and be statically hosted.

That’s the shallow Internet, the one we all see. However, not all the pages and content on the net are intended to be indexed by search engines. Moreover, the vast majority are not. To access these, you have to use other tools.

How to enter the Dark Web?

1. The first thing to do is download an updated version of Tor Browser and, from here, install it normally.
2. We will open the newly installed web browser and, in the window that will be displayed, click on “Open Settings.”
3. We will click on “Configure,” and we will follow the guided procedure according to our configuration. Then the web browser will open.
4. The first step in the Deep Web we will take by accessing the Hidden Wiki, a simple directory of Deep Web pages that will open the doors to this “dark universe.”

If we follow those steps, we will be on the Hidden Internet. Despite what you may think, the content of the DarkWeb is, for the most part, like what could be found on the normal Internet. Instant messaging and email services, online streaming radio, image storage, web content hosting, discussion forums, electronic commerce. This part of the Web is encrypted and protected. It is also useful to cultural organizations, scientists or journalists. who handle sensitive and confidential information.

Is It Dangerous to Enter into The Dark Web?

Yes, it is true that entering the Deep Web or dark web can be dangerous(it is dangerous to enter into dark web). In it, since all the content is encrypted numerically and under the influence of search engines and their security measures, it is the city without law. There is no police, only you and your computer skills, compared to those of the enemies who try to assault you. The information you can find is infinitely higher than on the normal network, but also the chances of being hacked.

The hidden face of the Deep Web: the Dark Web

In addition, in the Deep Web, there is a part of it that could cause us problems with the law. There are certain pages, catalog in what is known as the Dark Web or Red Oscura. In which the content that abounds is of doubtful legality. There are numerous pages where they traffic in pornography, arms sales, drugs, money laundering through Bitcoins, sale, and purchase of false and stolen documentation, illegal gambling pages, advanced hacking services are provided. And endless activities more illicit.

These pages put users in contact to establish private communications and thus proceed to the transaction. It is a kind of illegal electronic commerce, where criminals and the curious believe they are protected.

However, although browsing through the Tor Browser is private. Furthermore, they have managed to close famous black markets on the Dark Web, such as the Silk Road. A criminal paradise. And it is that the same hackers that have made this non-indexed Internet possible help law enforcement agencies trace connections and reach directly the users who access this content. It is not illegal to enter the Deep Web. But it is illegal to access certain pages of the Dark Web.

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