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The Best Cities To Connect To the Internet

The Best Cities To Connect To the Internet

The Internet is part of the daily life of many users around the world. We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities such as browsing, searching for information, being in contact with friends and family, working remotely.  Now, there are many options that we also have to connect. However, not in all circumstances will we be able, or will we have the necessary guarantees. In this article, we are Aiming to explain which are the best cities to connect to the Internet in the world.

What are the Best Cities to Connect to the Internet?

We echo a report that shows which are the best cities to connect to the Internet today. For this, they have taken into account the available 5G networks, something that is not everywhere but that we have more and more present. They have also taken into account the ease of connecting to a Wi-Fi network when we visit these destinations.

There are very big differences between one city and another. Still, within the same country, we can find areas where the connection is much more present in the day to day of users than in other areas of that same nation. We are going to explain which are the best cities in the world to surf 5G networks today and also which are the best to be able to easily connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Best Cities to Connect to 5G

First of all, we are going to explain which are the best cities in the world to be able to connect to the 5G network. As we know, it is about the technology that will be present for the next decade in mobile networks. It offers significant improvements in connection speed, stability, and quality. It will bring about important changes in our day-to-day life by significantly lowering latency and allowing us to make use of different functions and tools.

To consider that one city is better than another for accessing the 5G network, they have taken into account the available networks. In this sense, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is by far the best city in the world to have 5G today. It has a total of 83 available 5G networks.

The second city in the world in 5G capacity, although far from the first, in Los Angeles. This US West Coast city has 40 5G networks available. Close the podium London, the British capital.

The next cities to reach position 10 are Miami, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. In all of them, we will be able to connect to the 5G network without problems and be able to enjoy the important improvements that this technology offers.

Best Cities to Connect to Wi-Fi

Having an Internet connection available today is essential. We need a network if we want to search for information about something in particular at a certain moment. For example, if we are in a store and we want to know more information about a product we are looking for or if we are on the street and we want to see the schedule of a bus.

But this is even more important if we are in a foreign country of travel. This means that we may not have the Internet on the mobile, and we have to connect to wireless networks.

This report that we echo indicates which cities in the world provide the most facilities for connecting to the Internet to a Wi-Fi network for free. In this list, the city that appears first in London. The capital of the United Kingdom is considered the best city in the world to connect to free Wi-Fi networks.

Tokyo is the second city offering more networks to visitors looking for a way to connect when they don’t have mobile data. The Paris podium closes.

The next cities on the list are Singapore, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bangkok, Seoul, and Osaka. These places would complete the 10 that offer the best free Wi-Fi connection in the world.

In short, these are the cities of the world that we can consider as the best for surfing the Internet today. We are talking about 5G networks and free Wi-Fi networks.

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