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10 Safety Tips When Using Social Networks

10 Safety Tips When Using Social Networks

Security and privacy are fundamental aspects of Internet users. Today some many services and platforms are available online. This means that there are also multiple threats and risks that we have to face. Luckily we can also count on many programs and tools that help us protect our devices and systems. But if we talk about the use we make of the Internet, it has changed a lot in recent times. Today there are many social networks and instant messaging platforms. This is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article, We are going to name 10 important safety tips to avoid problems.

#1. Install Apps from Official Stores

The first and very important advice is to always install the applications from official sites and stores. It is indeed normal for us to add third-party applications, which include certain improvements. However, the interesting thing for security is to install the official programs that are also downloaded from the official website, as well as from stores such as Google Play.

In this way, we avoid the risk of installing software that has been maliciously modified.

#2. Set Privacy Settings Correctly

Normally social networks, as well as messaging applications such as WhatsApp, offer the possibility of configuring different privacy parameters. Things like hiding information from those who are not our contact, the last connection, etc. In this way, we not only improve privacy but also help avoid security risks.

#3. Do Not Give More Information than Necessary

In social networks, we can give a lot of personal information. A lot of data that could affect our privacy and security. Our advice is not to give more information than necessary and hide important data. Especially we must hide our information publicly.

#4. Activate Two-Factor Authentication

This is increasingly present in the different services and platforms on the network. It is important to enabling two-factor authentication whenever possible. On many social networks and messaging platforms, it is available. In this way, if someone managed to get our password, they would not be able to enter. I would need a second step for it.

#5. Control Contacts and Block Strangers

This is especially important for social media. We have to control which contacts we have added and block those that are unknown or raise doubts. We don’t know who may be behind that user and whether they could somehow use our data and information and compromise our security.

#6. Be Careful When Accessing From Public Computers and Networks

We cannot always access our accounts from computers and private networks. On many occasions, we have to access public Wi-Fi networks, as well as computers in places such as libraries, for example.

This can be a security issue. Be careful not to leave accounts open and pay close attention to open and public Wi-Fi networks. This is important to keep in mind, as we don’t know who may be behind that network. The good idea is to use a VPN service. In this way, we can encrypt the connections and improve security.

#7. Watch Out for the Location

Our mobiles today have a system to be geolocated. This also influences social networks. We can upload a photo to Instagram, and it tells us where the image was taken. This may be a problem for our privacy, since other users may know where we are. It is important to keep this in mind.

#8. Use Strong Passwords

You can not miss this list of tips to improve security on social networks and messaging platforms. Having a strong and complex password is vital to avoid intruders and have problems.

The password must have letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and other special characters. It has to belong and always unique. It is a mistake to put the same key in several places.

#9. Keep Equipment Safe

It is also very important to have secure equipment from where we connect. It does not matter if we are using a computer or mobile devices. They must have security programs and tools and are free of malware and threats of all kinds.

In case of having some type of virus, for example, they could access our information and even steal the access codes. Therefore, having safe equipment and systems is important for the security of social networks and messaging programs like WhatsApp.

#10. Update Whenever Possible

In the same way, it is vital always to have applications updated. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that can put systems at risk. Problems that cybercriminals take advantage of to commit crimes. We always need to install the latest versions and have updated the social network applications or messaging programs that we use.

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