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Build Your Business Online With Digital Dukan

Build Your Business Online With Digital Dukan

Build Your Business Online With Digital Dukan – The digital dukaan app is a phenomenal creation that helps allow local, physical, offline stores to join the digital bandwagon, establish their presence in the digital arena and make good use of WhatsApp for selling their products.

Sellers registered to the digital dukaan app are colloquially known as dukandaars who need to download the app, register their businesses in the app, list their products by creating catalogs, fix the prices, advertise and sell them, and earn money. The whole registration process requires less than a minute.

The link to their stores under the digital dukaan canopy can be conveyed to prospects and customers through WhatsApp or Facebook when direct orders are placed.

Currently, the digital dukaan app is used by millions of businessmen to sell products on the digital forum and make money.

What are the benefits of showcasing your business on the digital platform?

In this day and age, it’s very advantageous to move on from the bounds of your physical store and go online. This is because when you publicize your business online your reach to potential customers increases tremendously. Once a sale is consummated, you can dispatch your product anywhere, anytime all across the country. You can collaborate with a logistics partner to deliver your products to customers’ doorstep in time. Digital dukaan enables you to accomplish all of these.

You’re in need of no further support to sell online as you get the whole lot of facilities in the digital dukaan app all for free. The following are some of the major advantages you can benefit from when you modernize your business model and start promoting your products online.

  • You can sell any product online
  • You can sell any product nationally and internally – the limit to reach customers becomes blurred
  • A product can be directly purchased from your online dukaan and the payment goes directly to your bank account
  • You can create a chain of franchises
  • You can boost your product value by giving it a brand name

Salient features of digital dukaan app

  • It’s equivalent to a website.
  • You get a digital business card for yourself.
  • Prospects and paying customers can contact you on your RMN via a one-touch call.
  • Users can also communicate with you via one-touch email to initial and sustain business transactions.
  • Users can send text messages to your inbox in just one click.
  • Users can set up chat communications with you via one- touch to WhatsApp.
  • Users can determine their business location by means of Google Maps.
  • You can update your seller profile in accordance with pre-defined business templates.
  • You can upload unlimited images of your goods and products to the allocated gallery space.
  • You can fabricate your e-commerce website and promptly set off online sales.
  • You can share the links to your product catalog with your customers at any time.
  • You can upload videos featuring your products directly via YouTube.
  • The digital dukaan app has an image slider feature that helps add more visual appeal to your website.
  • You can upload the whole shebang of your products catalog to a digital dukaan template.
  • You can sell your products online.
  • You can allow users to generate inquiries and respond to them.
  • You can perfectly describe what your business is all about to make customers understand and initiate purchases.
  • You can Direct Share your business link through WhatsApp to increase customer engagement.
  • You can promote your business on various social media channels in just one click.

How to access digital dukaan app?

Downloading of digital dukaan app is pretty simple. You need to go to the Play Store on your smartphone and do it. Install the app. Open it. Validate your credentials through OTP verification with your RMN. Start using the app for your business purpose.

By gaining access to digital dukaan you have unlocked limitless possibilities of the online world that await you. You can move up your business prospects to higher notches where it will be identified as a brand to reckon with.

Pagar Book app

It’s one of India’s top-of-the-line attendance and payroll management tools aimed at attracting SMEs.

Product benefits of the pagar book app

Salary and payments

The app can be customized for various kinds of staff. Pagar book app helps calculate salaries and compensations with ease and minimal effort.


The pagar book app allows you to mark the attendance of your employees in one click. It’s a sharp-witted app that computes salary conditional on inputs obtained from attendance information including overtime, leaves, half days, and late arrival fine.

Advance payment

In this context, an in-depth understanding of the needs of the blue and gray collar workforce is necessary. The app comprehends this requirement to the T and comes up with a unique advance payment option to help business owners keep a watch on advance salary payment needs.

Payslip and SMS notifications

The pagar book app is capable of sending SMS notifications for every attendance and payment record. It helps direct payslip information to an employee’s WhatsApp contact in just a few clicks.

Final Words

The digital dukan app helps you avail innumerable benefits by making you go online and commence business. With this app in tow, you can unravel a never-ending journey of selling your products and services. A simple and complimentary onboarding process adds more appeal to prospective sellers to leverage the app’s potentials to the fullest.

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